February 01, 2021

My Love and Hate Relationship with Online Shopping

When the Community Quarantine started, I did not imagine that it will last for a very long time. I did not expect that until now, we are still stuck at home. Though, there are few times that I was out to visit my dentist, my family, and in-laws. And even I’m a little bit paranoid to go out, I had a quick trip at Landers, the bookstore, and the Uniqlo store. 

I already acknowledged the fact that COVID19 is not easy to deal with but I am hoping and praying that this won’t be the new normal because I really miss the old times. Since I don’t feel really safe going to the mall, I also accepted the fact that online shopping is the best option for now. 

I’m not really into online shopping because I’m impatient. As much as possible, gusto ko nakikita ko ng personal yung item and kapag binili ko, maiuuwi ko na. Maski nga food delivery, hindi ko rin bet. I hate waiting for my delivery kasi minsan kapag gusto ko umalis, no choice ako kundi maghintay sa delivery man. But now that I’m stuck at home, I have all the time to wait for my order. 

For the longest time, I stayed away from Lazada and Shopee because I don’t want to get addicted to online shopping. But after trying it, I finally understood why people love these two e-commerce sites. I appreciated Lazada and Shopee especially last holiday because I was able to buy Christmas gifts without going to the mall. 

I hate online shopping because 

1. I can’t stop myself from tracking my order, I always check updates, and if mag-weekend na at hindi pa rin dumarating, it means I can’t go out. 

2. I hate waiting for my order. There are two bad experiences that I can’t forget. First, when we transferred to our new home, we ordered a gas range and we were advised about the delivery date and time. It was weekend but we decided to stay home kasi sabi nila after lunch daw darating. Pero wala dumating after lunch and wala rin dumating after dinner so we were very disappointed because we just wasted our day. Past 11PM, nagising na lang kami at may pumarada na delivery van with security guard pa. OMG, ganun ka-late ang delivery so after that incident hindi na kami nag-order sa SM Home Appliances (if may delivery). (hindi pala online shopping to, hehehe)

Second. was way back in 2019, I received a message as early as 6:42AM that my order will be delivered. I’ve waited and waited so before 5PM, I sent a message to Black Arrow Express because I want to know their delivery time. They kept on saying na “Please anticipate arrival or rider” and “Please wait for the arrival of the rider”. Natapos na kami magdinner at patulog na kami tapos bigla may tatawag sa akin (past 8PM) “Ma’m sarado po bahay niyo kaya hindi ko po nadeliver”. OMG, I reviewed the CCTV and may white van na pumarada, binuksan ang van window, kinunan ang bahay namin at umalis. So hindi man lang niya ko tinext or tinawagan nung nasa tapat pa siya ng bahay namin. To make the long story short, pinabalik ko siya at nareceived ko order ko before 9PM. After that incident, I stopped ordering at Althea Korea, natrauma ko, buti na lang marami na ko stock ng Korean products. I hope next time na order ko, iba na partner courier nila. 

3. I received an incomplete order. I’ve read a lot of horror stories about online shopping and this is one of the reasons why I avoid it. I also have a fair share of incomplete orders but I’m thankful that those three stores, refunded the missing items. Some stores send the missing items. 

4. I received the wrong item. Last month, I ordered a gadget pouch and this store sent me a sweat belt. I informed the store pero deadma lang siya. I know that I have the option to return the product but when I read the process, huwag na lang. I won’t stress myself going out just to return the package. Good thing, mura lang yung item na nabili ko. Sana lang yung sweat belt, effective at lumiit tiyan ko. lol

5. Expectations vs Reality. As I’ve said before, mas gusto ko na nakikita yung item because most of the time, maganda yung item sa picture pero iba sa personal. Nakakadisappoint lalo na kung ang layo ng picture sa personal and yung item description hindi naman nasunod. I experienced this when I ordered Christmas Ornaments and Round Wood Blanks. Hindi ko na rin nareturn kasi nga hassle. 

6. I don't like the mess, because the seller wants to deliver the package in good condition, too much packaging naman nangyayari. So there are so many plastics, bubble wrap, and shredded paper. I reuse the plastic for trash bins, yung boxes may kumukuha (mga nagbebenta sa junkshop), shredded paper for the garden but I don't know how to reuse or recycle the bubble wrap. 

7. I received a defective item. When I received my package, it was well-packed and arrived in good condition. Good thing I tested the product first and I was a little bit disappointed because it doesn't work so I immediately informed the seller and I was advised to return the product so they can refund. Since this is PHP600 worth, nag-effort na ko magrefund. The return process is easy, effort lang sa pagdrop ng package. 

But one seller did not refund or replace the damaged item that I received. 

8. I received a damaged item. I've been buying fragile items online and the majority of my orders arrived in good condition. But I also experienced receiving a damaged items, yung pag-abot pa lang ng rider, kinabahan ka na kasi bakit tumutunog. So I took a video while unboxing and as expected, basag yung oil bottles ko. I messaged the seller about it but no reply so I just file for a refund. Hindi maganda packaging so talagang mababasag, may manipis na bubble wrap lang.  

I love online shopping because 

1. I can shop in the comfort of my home. Now that we are experiencing community quarantine, I love online shopping because I can shop without going out. No more traffic and hindi pa ako napagod maglakad. 

2. Shipping fee is not that expensive. The shipping fee is an additional cost to my order so it is one of the reasons why I avoid online shopping. Feeling ko, bibilhin ko na lang sa mall para isang gastos lang kaysa shipping fee per order. But after trying Shopee and Lazada, may mura naman pala na shipping fee. I was able to purchase products from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, and the starting delivery fee is around P40. Mura compared sa mga binayaran ko sa ibang online shops sa Pinas. 

3. Free shipping. I love free shipping vouchers or free shipping promo of stores. As much as possible, I buy from these stores para tipid. Sometimes, I use Shopee Pay just to get the free shipping coupons. :)

4. Since I live in the province, ang dami ko gusto bilhin na wala dito. But now I am happy na nabibili ko na siya. Thanks to Shopee, Lazada, and other online craft stores because I’m back to crafting again.

5. Cash on Delivery is available. Before, whenever I order, I used to pay using Paypal or Credit Card so nastress ako kapag ang tagal dumating. Takot ako sa missing packages kasi, I experienced that before, buti na lang Giveaways Prizes yung mga na lost packages ko so hindi ko naman bayad. Unfortunately, hindi ko nga lang nareceived prizes ko. 

Now, I choose Cash on Delivery if available. So hindi na ko nastress kung hindi matagal dumating o hindi dumating order ko kasi hindi pa bayad. And I can also budget my money kapag COD, so hindi oorder kung wala pambayad. Hehehe! 

6. Rewards. Now  I understand why people like Shopee, lagi ko nababasa ang "Thank You Shopee", yun pala ang dami pala rewards na pwede makuha like FREE shipping vouchers, Shopee Coins, Discount Vouchers and Cashback. I like the 8%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and if you are lucky may 50% pa na cashback or vouchers, ito yung hinihintay ko para mas tipid. If I need to unwind, I play their games to earn coins or discount vouchers. :)

7. I can buy things that are not available in the Philippines. If you can't buy it locally, check if you can buy it abroad. Sometimes I save money if I will order abroad even you include the shipping fee just like my experience in Amazon USA. 

Here are some of the online shops that I have tried. 

Althea Korea | For outside Asia, check this site Althea Global
Zalora  25% for New Customers Sitewide, P1800 minimum spend CODE: FIRST

"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping" - Bo Derek

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