July 26, 2021

Easy to Prepare Japanese Ramen

For the last several days, it’s been raining non-stop so I was feeling blue and lazy, Hello #bedweather! I don’t like rainy days so I’m thankful for instant meals sa panahon na parang ayaw ko kumilos. Hehehe! We had instant Pork Congee, Korean Ramyun, and lastly Japanese Ramen

I bought these 3 instant Japanese Ramen, a few months ago but it was only last weekend that I remembered them. All labels and instructions are in the Japanese language so thanks to Google Translate, we were able to prepare the ramen. There are 3 flavors but we only cook one pack which is Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. 

White: Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen
Red: Kumamoto Kuro Mayu Tonkotsu Ramen 
Green: Oita Torigara Soy Sauce Ramen with Yuzu Zest Powder 

One pack is good for two servings of noodles but in our case, pwede for 3 persons. My son and I shared one bowl since mahirap ubusin yung isang bowl. Even my husband had a hard time finishing it. The package includes noodles, powdered soup, and flavored oil. You can cook them at the same time, just double the amount of water. Since this was our first time, we only cook one serving. After tasting the soup, we immediately cook the other serving. 

How to Prepare Japanese Ramen 

1. Boil 470ml of water in a pot. 
2. Add 1 bunch of noodles and boil for 2 minutes. 
3. When the noodles are boiled, turn off the heat. 
4. Add 1 bag of the powdered soup and flavored oil. 
5. Serve and add your toppings. 

To upgrade your instant ramen, just add your own toppings. I want to imitate the ramen that we have tried at Surugin Ramen House but we don’t have roast pork so I just added pork floss, dried wakame seaweeds, and boiled egg. 

Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is a pork bone soup. According to my research, this is a light broth and less greasy. Surprisingly, the taste of the soup is quite similar sa nakain namin sa Surugin. We’re satisfied naman and we’ll try other flavors next time. 

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