July 06, 2021

Cheese Egg Sandwich

If we are traveling and we want to save time, we don’t usually eat at home. Depending on our destination, we just eat at the airport, stop over or we’ll order food for take out. One of our go-to restaurants is McDonald's and my usual order is Cheesy Eggdesal with Ham. From time to time, I recreate this sandwich at home. 

There are several videos on How to Make Grilled Cheese Egg Sandwich but I prefer cooking the egg and toasting bread separately. I just feel that one egg per sandwich is too much if I need to make several sandwiches. My version of Cheese Egg Sandwich is… 

1. Cooked the scrambled egg and slice. 
2. Spread butter on sliced bread. 
3. Place egg and cheese on top of the sliced bread. 
4. Cover with another sliced bread and toast for few minutes or until the cheese melts. 

You can also grill them on the same pan where you cook the scrambled egg pero dahil late magising mag-ama ko, I prepare these sandwiches in advance and we will just toast it in the oven toaster before breakfast. I don’t have ham so Cheese Egg Sandwich lang. Hehehe! 

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