July 22, 2021

Malunggay Pandesal Burger

Whenever I watch movies or series, I always see hamburgers or burgers. It is a common quick food or snack that people love to eat, but in my case, I don’t crave for a burger. There are only two burgers that I can eat, I only eat Bacon Mushroom Melt of Wendy’s and 4 Cheese Whopper of Burger King. My only reason is I don’t eat food with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, or relish that is commonly found on burgers. 

Sometimes I order a cheeseburger and I will request to remove the dressing but unfortunately, kahit nirequest ko na nakakalimutan pa rin ng staff so sayang lang. Ayaw ko na ipaulit at baka ano pa mangyari sa food. So for my own good, I will just make my own burger at home. From time to time, I make my own burger patty but I won’t deny that it is easy to buy a ready-to-cook burger patty. 

A few weeks ago, I bought malunggay pandesal at Sonya’s Garden and burger patty at San Miguel Frozen and Chilled so I prepared Malunggay Pandesal Burger. The only cheese we had at home is cream cheese so yun na ginamit ko. I reshaped my burger patty into small balls so I can cook everything in Air Fryer in one batch and it will fit my pandesal. 380F for 10 minutes. The taste of the burger patty is just okay for me, hindi siya beef na beef but my two boys love it so I guess I will order it again.

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