February 04, 2022

Baked Scallops

Just like that, another month behind us and I still have a long list of things to do. My list is piling up because I was scared to go out last month. The number of COVID19 cases is increasing so I decided to delay my errands again. But this week, whether I like it or not, I badly need to go out and finish my “things to do”. I have no time to blog because I was out. Stressful week talaga and after being stuck at home for almost two years, bilis ko mapagod kapag umaalis ng bahay. 

Anyway, despite the stress, let me count my blessings this week. Yesterday, we got this package from my husband’s generous friend. We rarely buy or order scallops because it is expensive. But if the price is reasonable or if I want to treat myself, napapaorder ako nito. I like the unlimited scallops of Yurakuen and the Spaghetti ai Tesori del Mare of Amici.  

Two years ago, I ordered Japan Jumbo Scallops at ninjas.pantry for my quarantined birthday celebration. Medyo bitin yung 9 pieces so I told my husband to buy scallops for our Christmas Eve but I was shocked kasi iba siya sa una ko nabili. Maliit siya and nahirapan ako maglinis and because of that, I don’t want to buy scallops na. Gusto ko yung katulad sa Yurakuen and yung nakain namin sa PAL Business Class na scallops. I want to buy ready to cook scallops. Hehehe!

But we got these scallops for free so I’m thankful for the blessings and wala ko karapatan magreklamo. If you remember my previous post “DIY Seafood Hotpot”, hindi ko pa nakakalimutan yung pagod ko sa paglinis ng scallops so my husband volunteered that he will clean and bake the scallops. Yey!  

After he baked the first batch, I suggested to remove all the shells na kasi anong oras pa kami magdidinner kung every 12 to 15 minutes ang baking time. So we had two versions of baked scallops, one with shells and one without shells. 

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