February 15, 2022

DragonPay Validation Error on ShopeePay

It was the year 2020 when I started ordering on Shopee and for the new user, they are giving FREE Shipping Vouchers but of course, it didn’t last that long. So I’ve been paying shipping fee every time I order which I did not mind at first kasi feeling ko mas mahal pa bayad ko if I will go to the mall.

I always use my desktop to order, mas gusto ko kasi malaki yung screen so it took me almost two months before I learned that there are always free vouchers on mobile app especially if you will use ShopeePay payment method. Toinks! 

Since then, I started using ShopeePay for my online shopping so I can take advantage of the free shipping, cashback, and discount vouchers. At the end of 2021, according to my Shopee highlights, I was able to use 528 vouchers so ang laking tipid di ba.

To top up or cash in, I always use online banking, here are the different banks that are available on ShopeePay. 

Robinsons Bank 
Bank of Commerce

It’s been more than a year already since I’ve been using this method but today was my first time to encounter an error. After clicking the link to validate, I saw this error message “Error: Unable to cast object of type ‘PaymentGetaway Sevice.ProcessingInfo to type ‘System.string!”. I checked my email and I did not receive any Payment Instruction for Transaction Ref: email from DragonPay so I contacted Shopee but after sending the screenshot of my transactions, the customer rep advised me to contact DragonPay. 

I was nervous because the amount was already deducted from my savings account so I try to click the validation link again to check kung pwede na ako mag-enter but I saw another error. “Error: Unable to find offline transaction. Please contact our support." I clicked customer support and online chat support because I need resolution already and I was shocked na nasa #74 pa ko. 

Patience is a virtue but I was happy that the customer rep was able to solve my concern. The customer rep just asked for my DragonPay Reference No. and my Bank Transaction No. and the amount was validated real-time, I already saw the amount before he/she told me to check Shopee. I also received Payment Confirmation for Transaction Ref: email and the remark is “Offline Payment Admin Validated” 

I thought magfile pa ako ng refund just to get my money back, pwede naman pala na sila magvalidate. So tuloy ang online shopping this Payday Sale, may free shipping na ulit. :) 

Update: December 2023

I transfered money from my savings to Shopee Pay and after one hour I did not receive any confirmation email. My money was deducted already but it was not transferred to my Shopee. So I contacted customer support via chat. This time they asked for my DragoyPay Reference No. and proof of payment. This time not just the bank transcation number, they want a picture. After sending the photo, my transcation has been validated so the amount was already transfered to my Shopee Pay. 

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