February 17, 2022

Food Trip in Stockholm Sweden

It’s Throwback Thursday so let me continue my Stockholm Sweden series and this time, let me talk about food. We stayed in Generator Stockholm and there was no guest kitchen so we had no choice but to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside. The hotel has its own cafe and restaurant but we haven’t tried the food because we prefer to eat at 7-11 so we can save money. 

Hindi ko pinapansin ang 7-11 dito pero when we travel abroad, nagiging bestfriend ko ito. Hehehe! This post is not about Food recommendations in Stockholm Sweden or Where to Eat in Stockholm Sweden because I did not research the Must-Try Restaurants in Stockholm Sweden. We just eat wherever and whenever we’re hungry so I will just share the food and drinks that we have tried during our trip. 

I’ve been checking my Sweden album and I was surprised because I have limited food photos so it means, I was not able to take photos of our food trip. I’m not sure if it is because we’re hungry or maybe because we ate at 7-11 or fastfood that can be found in the Philippines. 

1. Maestro Pizza & Kebab 

We arrived in Stockholm in the evening so we were really tired and hungry so after checking in, we went out to look for a restaurant where we can eat. We ended up at Maestro Pizza & Kebab because the place was not full. 

My mom ordered this sandwich and we ordered pizza. I can’t remember the name of this pizza but even we were hungry, we were not able to finish this. I don’t know, we just don’t like the taste. We’re a little bit disappointed because the name of the restaurant is Maestro Pizza & Kebab so we’re expecting that the pizza would be good. I’ve made some research and this restaurant is known for kebab and falafel so I guess, we just ordered the wrong meal. 

2. PressbyrĂ„n 

On our second day, we visited Drottningholm Palace which is one of the private residences of the Swedish Royal Family. It is a one-hour boat trip from Stockholm City Hall and there was a limited schedule of boat trips so for our lunch, we did not eat at the restaurant because we don’t want to miss the 1PM boat trip. 

We found PressbyrĂ„n, a small convenience store at Drottningholm Palace. It was small so food choices are also limited so we just ate hotdog sandwiches to satisfy our hunger. We are tempted to eat ice cream but the weather is so cold and we will eat outside. 

3. Burger King 

After our Stockholm Panorama Tour and before we went back to the hotel we ate late lunch/early dinner. We only ate hotdog sandwiches for our lunch so we were still hungry and we decided to eat at Burger King, pwede na din early dinner kung tamarin na kami lumabas sa gabi. Hehehe!

I don’t have photos but we ordered the usual which is burger meal and chicken nugget meal. This is a fastfood so I thought the service would be fast but it wasn’t the case. My husband placed an order and went back to the table. So we waited for several minutes before our orders were ready. This is self-service too so my husband picked up the order. The budget per meal is more or less PHP400. 

4. McDonald's 

For our third day, we ate breakfast at McDonald's which is located inside the Stockholm Central Station. They have an ordering machine but we are not used to it so my husband ordered at the counter. He ordered McMuffin Bacon and Egg meal, which includes a sandwich, juice, coffee, or chocolate drinks. The total bill is SEK180. 

We also ate early breakfast here during our fifth day, we ordered McMuffin Bacon & Egg, a sandwich, and pancakes. The total bill is SEK184 . 

5. Skansen Terrassen 

Skansen Terrassen is a self-service restaurant inside the Skansen, we had late lunch here and we ate pasta, waffle, ice cream, and of course Swedish Meatballs. We enjoyed our meal here, at last hindi na fastfood and convenience store. I can’t remember the price of each dish but the ice cream is SEK35.

6. Sen Street Kitchen and Fattoush 

On Day 4, we had late lunch at Sen Street Kitchen and Fattoush, I can no longer remember the name of these dishes, but the price of each meal is more than PHP600. We also enjoyed our meal, especially the salmon. 

7. 7-11 

There is 7-11 just in front of the Generator Stockholm so we ate several times here for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. I’m thankful that they have a lot of food choices; there are pastries, sandwiches, hotdog sandwiches, salad, pizza and they also offer combo breakfast meals. The price is not really cheap because the combo breakfast and pizza are PHP400+ already so parang mas okay pa nga kumain sa fastfood but we don’t like to walk far so we settled for their meals. Okay naman ang lasa ng sandwich and pizza nila. 

8. SJ Train Bistro

We took the SJ train from Stockholm Sweden to Oslo Norway, it was a 6-hours train ride so we had lunch on the train, We ordered Swedish Meatballs and pieces of bread, the total bill is SEK158 without drinks.

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