January 16, 2024

Heart Shape Treat Box

Every Valentine’s Day, I always give chocolates to my son or something sweet. Most of the time, I will just add a card or gift tag because the majority of the chocolates have their own packaging. But this year, I made an effort to make my own packaging using the Heart Shape Box that I found on Cricut Design Space. 

I have different chocolates at home so I tested two sizes. At first, I changed the size so I could maximize the paper, I could add several pieces of Kisses Chocolates to that box. Then I tried the original design and the Mini Ritter Sport chocolates fit perfectly. So in the end, I chose the latter. 

But instead of using smooth or textured cardstock, I decided to print my own paper using the Vintage Handwritten Letters Overlays so it would look like a Love Letter Box. I placed the designs on US Letter Sized Cardstock and printed three pieces of paper. Then I used the paper to cut the Heart Shape Box. 

This is an easy project, just score, cut, and assemble.

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