January 22, 2024

Glimpse of Mabuhay Lounge at NAIA 1

Philippine Airlines moved their international flight to NAIA 1 last June 2023 and because of that, passengers with Mabuhay Lounge access go to different airport lounges in NAIA 1. My husband experienced going to the Marhaba Lounge and PAGSS Lounge but last December, he was fortunate to experience the new Mabuhay Lounge in NAIA. 

When he sent me the photos, nagandahan din ako, malayo siya sa experience ko in NAIA 2 and Cebu Airport. This lounge can accommodate 294 people, it offers a dining area, buffet bar, shower room, restroom, massage corner, nursing area, quiet area and they even have exclusive room for million milers.

The most important thing is, they have more food and drinks.

Mabuhay Lounge Terminal 1
Level 4, adjacent to Gate 9

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