January 10, 2024

Day 1 in Da Nang Vietnam: Hoi An Tour

I’m taking a break from crafting so I’m back to blogging and let me start with my Vietnam series. I already blogged about our travel experience from Manila to Da Nang and our Vietnam Airlines experience so let me continue with our tours. By the way, as of this writing, Cebu Pacific has already a direct flight to Da Nang. 

We were supposed to purchase Klook vouchers but someone already arranged a tour so we decided to just join. At first, we only availed the Day 3 Tour because we knew that we couldn’t make it on Day 1 Tour. But after some consideration, they allowed us to join. 

3PM is the hotel pick-up time but since our group will be arriving late, there is another hotel pick-up at 6PM. The rate for Hoi An Tour is $35 per person, this includes payment for the guide, transportation, dinner, entrance fee, and tips. 

Hoi An Tour 

- Hoi An Ancient Town 
- Guang Dong Assembly Hall 
- Japanese Bridge 
- Night Market 
- Lantern Festival 
- Dinner at a local restaurant 

The tour bus arrived early but did not leave immediately because we had to wait for other joiners. Travel time from Sheraton Grand Da Nang to Hoi An is around 30 minutes depending on the traffic. We transferred from the bus to a big golf cart before we reached the Hoi An Ancient Town

Dinner at Triet Treat Restaurant & Coffee 

And because we were late, we missed the guided tour and our group just went straight to the restaurant for our dinner. The dinner is part of our package and we ate at Triet Treat Restaurant & Coffee. There is no menu so we just waited for the food to be served. 

For our table, we are a group of 6 and these are the dishes that were served. There are so many but more vegetable dishes and it was so funny because the dessert is “Sweetened Monggo”. Gulay pa rin? hehehe! But I ate this monggo because this reminded me of my childhood. I’m a meat lover so the only dish that I enjoyed here is the pork. But I tried some of the dishes too because I was so hungry pero tikim lang, super late dinner ito.

Hoi An Tour 

After dinner, we explored Hoi An Ancient Town on our own. We did not see the beauty of Hoi An during day time but we were still happy to see Hoi An even just for a limited time. The place is so colorful and magical at night. 

Hoi An Ancient Town is another UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1999) that we have visited. It is a well-preserved example of a small-scale Southeast Asian trading port from 15th - 19th century. As you walk, you will notice the buildings and streets with the influence of foreign and indigenous cultures.

Hoi An Ancient Town has traditional buildings, an open market, a ferry quay, pagodas, a Japanese bridge, and others. We were not able to explore all the streets since some streets were flooded because of the rain and also we were tired. There are different stores here so it is also your chance to shop or buy some souvenirs, but we are not in the mood. 

We just took pictures at one of the lantern stores, we paid 30,000 VND for our photos. 10,000 VND per person. You can take a lot of pictures but there is a long line of tourists waiting for their turn so consider their waiting time too.

There are some activities that you can do like boat riding, lantern floating, lantern making, and others. We did not do this anymore and we just went back to the restaurant (meeting place). While waiting we ordered some drinks, the coffee was 40,000 VND. 

We left Hoi An Ancient Town around 9:30PM, that is 10:30PM Manila time so pagod na pagod talaga kami. That is the reason why we did not avail Day 2 Tour because we wanted to rest. 

But for Day 2 Dinner, my husband and his colleagues went back to Hoi An pero hindi na kami sumama pa, sa hotel na lang kami nagdinner ng anak ko. I am saving my energy for our Day 3 Tour.

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