January 09, 2024

Highlights of Year 2023

If year 2022 is our best year because we were able to spend more time with family and we were able to travel every month. I consider the year 2023 as an unexpected year. Unexpected because…

1. We expected that we can already move to our new house last year but there were so many delays. But at least on-going na yung house renovation, slowly but we are getting there. 

2. My son made it to Overall Top last Recognition Day, it was his dream to be part of it. It was not an easy journey because 240+ students ang kalaban niya. So to be part of the top 10, is really a big achievement for him. 

3. Nasira yung eyeglasses ng anak ko so kahit hindi pa namin schedule magpacheck ng mata, napaaga. I thought it was a simple check-up only but I was wrong, ang daming ganap. Wala pa one year yung last check-up namin pero ang laki ng tinaas ng grade niya, almost double. They they saw something on my son’s optic nerves so he needs to undergo Glaucoma Test. Then after the test result, the doctor advised to have quarterly test of OCT of Optic Disc/Optic Nerve, BE and Humphrey Visual Field Perimetry, BE. 

My son is back to pedia-ophtha again, we stopped going dun sa pedia-ophtha niya sa Asian Hospital since pandemic kasi ang hirap kumuha ng slot so sinama ko na lang sa doctor ko last year pero nirefer siya ulit sa pedia-ophtha and another doctor for glaucoma specialist. Just like that, 2 doctors na yung pupuntahan namin for his eye check-up. 

4. Almost one year of planning, natuloy din get-together namin ng college friends ko. We went to Borro and Kandle Cafe. Also, after so many years, nakapag family get-together din kami sa mother’s side, 2019 pa yata yung last reunion namin. 

5. I wanted to try different hotel buffet restaurants but I observed na pataba ako ng pataba. In fact, paulit-ulit yung mga sinusuot ko na damit kasi konti na lang kasya and I noticed that when I made my year-end video. But I still managed to eat a few buffet restaurants last year, may pagpipigil pa yan. Hehehe! 

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary at Fresh Internation Buffet- Solaire Resort & Casino Manila. We also celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday and my mom’s Despedida at Teppanya Evia 

6. I’ve been meaning to visit IKEA Philippines since day one but it took me a long time. But finally, nakavisit na rin because I spent my birthday at IKEA

7. Since nagtravel kami nung birthday ni hubby and birthday ko, gusto ko rin sana magtravel sa birthday ng anak ko, pero hindi ko nagawa kasi yung weekend na yun, wedding ng brother-in-law ko so nag food trip lang kami sa Yurakuen. Disappointed ako sa food trip namin kaya hindi ko pa rin nabablog ito. Ang taas kasi ng expectation ko because of our first buffet experience at Yurakuen too. 

8. I went back to crafting when the pandemic happened but I always consider myself an occasional crafter but this year, I made time for it. I started joining craft summits, craft countdowns,s and giveaways. Fortunately, sa dami ng sinalihan ko meron naman ako napanalunan. I was so happy with my crafting life and I thought it was a happy community pero hindi rin pala. I had a negative experience before the year ended and I shared it on this post

9. When we welcomed the year 2023, we had no travel plans at all because we knew that we needed to save for our house renovation and house improvement. No travel trip during Holy Week, Summer Break, and Christmas break. But despite that, we were able to visit a few places and super unexpected yung Sydney and Davao Trip. 

We spent our first week of January in Sanctuary Batulao

We celebrated our wedding anniversary at La Chevrerie Resort. 

My husband celebrated his birthday in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 

I celebrated my birthday at Casalay Boutique Villas & Dive Resort 

I spent my summer break preparing our documents for our Australian Visa Application

During my son’s semestral break, we went to Sydney, Australia. The third continent that my son and I visited. 

My mom went back to the Philippines pero dahil busy kami, hindi ako nakakapunta sa Valenzuela so when we went back from Sydney and time na niya magbakasyon sa bahay, I made a last minute booking to Davao for our bonding. It was our first mother-and-daughter trip. 

10. Lastly, I was almost stuck at home during the Christmas Break because we got sick so I really didn’t feel the holiday. The advantage is, I didn’t feel the stress of preparing food or attending get-togethers because we were sick. The disadvantage is, we were not able to travel kahit beach trip lang. Nagdaan lang talaga ang holiday. 

I was checking my photo gallery, nakalimutan ko pala magpicture ng New Year’s Eve. Unexpected yan since lagi naman ako nagpipicture. 

The best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations. - Eli Khamarov

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