February 12, 2024

Lunch at Ramen Nagi: Universal Noodle Creator

Kung kailan ako sinisipag magblog, saka naman kami nawawalan ng internet. We had no internet connection for 3 days and today while I’m finishing this blog, wala ulit. Grrr! Bisyo na ito, hindi na nakakatuwa. Mukhang sinasanay na ko kasi sa lilipatan namin, problem din internet and ang haba na ng nakapila para kabitan pero wala pa linya. So that is reason na parang ayaw ko lumipat pa, kakayanin ko ba na mobile data lang gamit? 

Anyway, we went to Festival Mall last weekend because we needed to buy costumes for my son’s MAPEH class; they will be having a dance competition per class. When my son showed the picture, akala ko wala na ko problem kasi ganun din yung sinuot niya sa wedding ng brother-in-law ko but he said, black pants and black suspender daw. Waah! So I need to buy pa pala. 

But before looking for the costume, we had an early lunch at Ramen Nagi. In my mind, I’ve already tried this restaurant before but when I checked their menu, ooh, first time pala. On the table, there is an order sheet and menu but in the end, the staff was the one who answered the sheet when we placed our order. Nahalata siguro na first time namin. Hehehe! 

Nung nagsabihan kami ng order, pare-pareho pala kami na Butao King ang order so I just changed my order na lang. We ordered Butao King PHP430, Limited King PHP650, Pork Tonkatsu PHP290, Gyoza PHP250, and Coke PHP88 + Service Charge. 

Paano naman hindi kami magkakapareho, according to their menu Butao King is an award-winning tonkotsu pork broth prepared in the traditional method. Mouth-wateringly rich, fresh, and aromatic; special handcrafted noodles and classic Nagi pork chashu. 

They served the ramen first and for me, it was already a big serving but my two boys finished their bowl of ramen, magkaiba yung thickness ng noodles nila. When my order came, I was surprised because it was only Pork Tonkatsu, I thought meal na. Toink! But I did not order rice na since may cabbage and bean sprouts. We’re all satisfied with our meal.

By the way, I checked my old blog posts, Ramen Kuroda and Ramen Young Wasabi pala yung nakainan namin dati. Puro Ramen kasi yung first word. Hehehe! 
Ramen Nagi Birthday Promo 

1. Free One Butao King for the birthday celebrator who will dine in at any Ramen Nagi branch within his/her birthday month. 
2. The birthday celebrator must be physically present and accompanied by at least two full-paying customers who will get any two bowls of ramen from the following: Butao King, Green King, Red King, Black King, Wonder Kakuni King, Limited King. 
3. Promo is valid from January 1 to December 31, 2024 
4. The promo can be availed multiple times within the birth month. Strictly one transaction per day per branch.

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