February 26, 2024

18th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

This month, we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and 21 years as a couple. Just like that, we’ve been together for 21 years already and that is almost half of life. Ang bilis ng panahon, parang kailan lang and ang tanda na rin pala namin. Hehehe! But I’m glad that we’re still together. 

My husband mentioned on his anniversary card that for the last 18 years, we shared both the happiest times and saddest times. And that is true because, for the last 18 years, he lost his grandfather, two sisters, aunt, and uncle while I lost my aunt, grandmother, father, and sister. During those times, we leaned on each other, and even without a word, we understood each other’s pain.

Despite the saddest times, we have a lot of happy memories. That is why, we also try our best to make time and celebrate our anniversaries because life is so short. There were a few times that we were not able to celebrate because I was not feeling well, he was out of the country, and when my grandmother passed away. 

Moving on, sharing our anniversary celebration this year. To be honest, if money is not an issue, it is so easy to plan but of course, since we had so many expenses for the last few months, need magbudget.

Our initial plan is to eat at the hotel because last month, my husband ate at Corniche and he said, if I want we can celebrate our anniversary at Corniche and we can take advantage of the 40% discount (credit card promo). I was considering that option but out of the blue, I experienced acid reflux for almost a week so I changed my mind. Sabi ko, hindi ko maeenjoy ang buffet kung wala ko gana kumain or isusuka ko rin. 

Then we went to the 31st PTAA Travel Tour Expo so we could check different promos but unfortunately, we did not see good deals. 

Breakfast at Cafe Agapita

We had a breakfast date at Cafe Agapita to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our couple's anniversary, I already shared our experience in my previous post. 

We were supposed to celebrate Valentine’s Day here pero late pala opening hours nila every weekday but fortunately, we were able to visit this restaurant on our way to Nawa Wellness. They are open as early as 7AM during weekends so we had our breakfast here. 

Staycation at Nawa Wellness

Since we did not score any promo when we visited the travel tour expo, my husband did his research then he discovered Nawa Wellness. It just started operating last January 24, 2024, and so far good reviews naman nabasa namin. We wanted to take advantage of the long weekend but unfortunately, fully booked agad so we changed our travel dates. 

We enjoyed our anniversary staycation at Nawa Wellness and this deserves a separate post. By the way, when we checked out, they already informed us na mag-iincrease na sila ng rates by March and I’m sure, mag-iincrease pa yan kasi so far naka soft-opening pa lang sila. Buti na lang nakapunta na kami habang mura pa yung rate nila. 

Wedding Anniversary Craft Projects 

I already shared my Valentine’s Craft Projects in my previous posts but here are the craft projects that I did for our anniversary. 

I used the Wedding Couple Card SVG, but I tweaked the design and I changed the “On Your Wedding Day” to Anniversary. I used the Wedding Gnome Couple for the second card. Lastly, I used the wedding truck SVG for our cake topper, I just replaced the flower with an "18" number, you can also find this truck on the Craft with Sarah website. 

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