May 27, 2015

Pasalubong from Davao

I woke up and my son showed me this piece of paper. 

Me: Did you spell the word “present”? 

Ethan: No, Daddy helped me. 
Me: Okay. 
Ethan: Mommy, let’s go down. 
Me: Why? 
Ethan: I’ll show you the mystery box. 

Then he led me to this box. So this is the mystery box. Lol 

My husband just came home from Davao last night and he bought a box of pomelo. I still remember his first business trip to Davao, he came home with packs of durian candy which we didn’t like, see the story here

I told him to buy pomelo because that’s what I want in Davao and he followed. But he bought only few pieces of pomelo at baka mag excess baggage. Hehehe!. 

After few years of waiting, he went back again to Davao. Now, I was surprised to see a box of pomelo so hindi na kami mabibitin. If you have tasted pomelo from Davao, you will understand me. The outside skin may not look good but trust me, the fruit is soft, sweet and juicy. Like my husband said, “Don’t judge the book, by its cover” 

As of this writing, we already finished two whole pomelo. Hmmm, hanggang kelan kaya tatagal sa min. 
Well, if you are going to Davao don’t forget to buy suha for pasalubong. You can also buy mangosteen and durian candy if you like.

Update February 2018

When we went to Tienda sa Ayala Malls, we bought pomelo from Davao but the price is P120 per kilogram so we only bought few pieces. My husband promised that he will buy me pomelo and he did. They went to Magsaysay Fruit Vendor Association market.

He bought a box of pomelo for me, 8 pieces for P600 only. He also bought some durian candy, durian yema and mangosteen candy.


  1. I do understand you sis. My cousin sent us also a box of pomelo from Davao. Grabe super tamis!

    1. Tamis noh! Kaya di nakakasawa kainin. :)

  2. Haven't tasted a sweet pomelo.Lol. Last time I tried, it was sour.

  3. It looks so delicious, I could not care less about the outside too as long as its sweet and juicy inside. Sarap! Super missed Pomelo for sure. Sweet naman ng anak mo:)