May 25, 2015

Back to School Checklist

Back to school is fast approaching and honestly, I’m not yet ready. How I wish I could extend summer vacation. Are you ready this coming school year? 

Well, as early as the first week of May, I’ve been preparing for the school year 2015-2016. I have this “Back to School Checklist” to make sure that I won’t miss out on anything. I want to know the possible expenses so I can prepare my budget. 

Last month, I enrolled my son in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew and the fastfood is just beside his school so I took advantage to drop by after his Kiddie Crew. I just got the school supplies list, books list, and our schedule to buy books.  

After that, I started my preparation. 

1. Inventory of school supplies - I checked our supplies and assessed the stuff if we can reuse it again, just like these crayons, I told my son that we will reuse his crayons. (checked) 

2. Make a list of supplies - I listed all the things that we need to buy for school and home. (checked) 

3. Try on the uniform - For the last three years, I’ve been buying new sets of uniform every school year so I’m really glad that this year, we can reuse his old uniforms. 

I just need to buy one set of uniform because in grade school, he will wear a regular uniform for 4 days so I need an extra uniform. (just in case hindi agad makalaba at plantsa). My son needs gala uniform too for the Friday mass (once a month). (checked)

4. Shop for supplies and uniform- after doing my inventory and list, I went to school to buy a uniform and school supplies like notebook and envelope (stuff that has logo of school). 
Then I went to National Bookstore to buy the other stuff because it is cheaper compared to school. (checked) 

5. Shop for books - in my son’s school, there’s a schedule on when you can buy the books but you can still buy after the scheduled week. But I always buy on the day of schedule. (Takot maubusan and baka napagpilian na ang matira) (checked) 

6. Make list and buy clothes needed for school - aside from uniform, we still need to check other clothes needed like white sando, socks, handkerchief, and underwear. (checked) 

School shoes and rubbers shoes still fit so less expense. (checked) 

7. Shop for school bag/snack bag - we bought new trolley bag (box type) for my son because he has more books and notebooks in grade school so even his old bag is still working fine, we have no choice but to buy a bigger one. (checked)  

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          Shopping for a School Bag

8. Shop for water bottle, lunch box, and utensils - my son will be in grade school so I need to buy these stuff. (checked)

9. ID bag tags/name tags - I will reuse the old bag tag and printed new name tag.  (checked) 
You can also laminate this and use as bag tag but I will use this as a name tag. I bought an ID case.

10. Print labels for school supplies. - I printed the book labels with name only because I can’t wait till June 6 (release of section). I want to cover the books as soon as possible. #nocramming (checked) 

11. Make appointments for haircuts, dentist, and doctor - haircut and flu vaccine was scheduled on the first weekend of June.

I have to schedule our dentist appointment again because the staff just texted me yesterday. Our appointment was canceled because the dentist has a dental mission on the scheduled date. 

12. Take "first day of school photo" - I always do this for memories sake. 

I'm waiting for the orientation day for the grooming kit list. So far I’m almost done with my list, I just need to prepare myself. In two weeks time, I will set up my alarm clock again. I need to wake up early to prepare my son’s baon. Waah! Another dilemma for me, menu for lunch baon.


  1. Great tips. I suddenly remember the hype when school is about to start. I actually miss buying school stuff for myself. hehe.. Your kid is so lucky to have and an organized mom. I also like the idea of taking first day of school photo.

    1. Thanks. When I was young, I always enjoy my trip in National Bookstore. It means I have new stuff for school year.

  2. The young man is super ready! I hope he will enjoy every bit of the brand new school year! Good luck to all of you.

  3. Our school year starts in January so it will be holidays soon for the kids. Hope your little boy enjoys the new school year :)

  4. And your son is all set for school!!! Great tips sis!! Thanks..

  5. Thanks for this checklist! Financially, I am not ready for the school season :(

  6. Very useful tips.Thanks for these.

  7. what a great post of you! school time n pla ulit next week!

  8. Wow! All set to go to school na si Ethan :D Good job mommy!
    Thanks for the checklist which reminds me, I still have to go back to school for the books!

  9. Love the list of school supplies that you can reuse! Super tipid tips! Sometimes kasi we want all things to be new for the kids at school db. Thanks for reminding me of teaching recycling to kids. Will definitely need this when my son grows older for school :)

    1. Yes, sometimes moms like new stuff every school year para di mukhang kawawa ang kids. But we need to be practical so we reuse and recycle. #tipidpa :)

  10. Dami naman preparation. Good for Ethan to have you:)

  11. Nice tips. Oh I love making labels, even our label maker has a label on it, lol.

  12. Like you, I'm also not ready for school yet. We still have to buy my son a new school bag and rubber shoes for P.E, and we still have to go to the dentist and to his doctors to complete his school requirements. Good luck to us!

  13. This is a very good checklist. I love how you meticulously planned every detail from the labels (great idea to put label on every piece of crayon) all the way to taking a pic on the first day of school.

  14. My gosh, I need to attend to my sons' school na!!! I haven't enrolled them as we are planning to go independent in homeschooling.

  15. Gosh, from your list Flu Vaccine na lang wala kami. I enrolled my son as early as November last year to avail of the huge discount and I already bought school supplies last March para wala pang pila. He will be using his old school uniforms, bag and shoes since they are still okay.