May 14, 2015

UPMSI Bolinao Marine Laboratory

The good thing about DIY Trip is you can visit those places that are not usually included in travel packages. My husband suggested UPMSI Bolinao Marine Laboratory, where you can see giant clams. 

We’ve been to Giant Clam Culture in Camiguin, way back in 2011 and we already saw different clams. Little did I know that the Bolinao Marine Laboratory is the official marine station of the Marine Science Institute (MSI), University of the Philippines, Diliman. The clams that we’ve seen in Camiguin came from BML.

After our visit to St James the Great Parish, we went to Bolinao Marine Laboratory. I was not sure if the office was open but we still tried our luck and I was glad that they accommodated us. We registered and paid P20 per person. The guard informed us, na nagstart na yung tour habol na lang kami.

The tour started in Dry Museum where you can see different clam fossils. 

Then we went to AVR where we watched video about the history of BML and what they are doing. 

Then we moved to Outdoor Hatchery. This is bigger compared to Giant Clam Culture of Camiguin. 

We’ve seen the stages of how they culture clams, sea cucumber and even corals, from eggs up to the adult stage.

In Camiguin, if you want to see the giant clams in the sea, you can rent a boat for a fee. You can choose for glass boat or a regular boat. But I’m not sure if it is available in BML because it was not offered to us. 

It was a learning experience to know and see clams, sea cucumbers and corals up close. My son even enjoyed the trip, maybe he can’t remember his trip in Camiguin because he was only 2 years old at that time.


  1. I always love the thing underwater. Going to places like this is a great activity for your son. :)

  2. This only shows how rich our water nature are. I hope that many will consider preserving our nature for the future generations.

  3. This experience is so great for the whole family! I'm going to visit underwater adventure this summer with my kids. Thanks for the beautiful photos!:)

  4. You're right, that's the nice thing about not traveling in a packaged tour is you can see other places, or yung off-the beaten path sights.

  5. That's really interesting visiting the museum and seeing so many different corals.

  6. Camiguin is such an amazing place! We've never been here but this one's on our wishlist. :)

  7. WOW! I would love to see those giant clams in person.

  8. I would like to see those giant clams too. Its really good for kids to visit these kind of places. :)

  9. Hi! I just want to ask, is it open on a saturday weekend? Planning to be there on the 15th. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Saturday kami nagpunta, hindi rin namin alam kung open pero pagdating dun inaccommodate naman nila kami kahit nagwalk-in lang kami. Depende siguro kung may magguide.