October 09, 2016

Day 5 Singapore: Last Day in Singapore

We were supposed to visit Gardens by the Bay before going to the airport but we canceled our plans because my son wanted to swim. We’ve been staying in the hotel for 4 days already but we haven’t visited the pool area.

After breakfast, my son and my husband went to the pool for a quick dip while I finish packing our stuff. 

We checked out at 10AM and left our baggage at the Concierge

Then we went to our friend’s house who resides in Singapore. For the very first time, my son met his Ninong. :) Maganda pa yung pool dito kaysa sa Sheraton Towers Singapore. 

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Then we trooped to IKEA Alexandra so I can eat Swedish Meatballs, as I mentioned in my previous posts, we will not leave Singapore hanggat di ko natitikman ang Swedish Meatballs. Hehehe! 

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          Shopping Haul at IKEA Alexandra  

After eating and shopping, we went back to the hotel to get out luggage then we went straight to the airport. Unfortunately, our PAL flight was delayed. Good thing Changi Airport has free wifi and they have a fast connection. 

We spent our time playing in the Social Tree and we also checked different stores, if ever may mabibili kaso mahal naman lahat. Hehehe! 

We ate dinner first before going to the gate, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but this Hainanese Chicken is only SGD5. 

On our way to the boarding gate, we saw this foot massage and it is free. Finally, namassage din ang aking paa. Di biro ang nilakad namin sa 4 na zoos.

May nakapila na agad. hehehe!
Because of the flight delay, my son doesn’t want to eat anymore when they served the food. Gusto na lang niya matulog sa airplane, he just ate the bread and sleep. Sayang yung food, bayad din yan. Hehehe! Next time, I will bring a snack box so I can take it home. I only have one extra zip lock where I put the ice cream. 

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  1. Oh, your post made me miss Singapore. =) Their Hainanese chicken! =) The Singapore airline food is still the best compared to other airlines. You can completely consume everything they put on your table. =)

    1. My husband and my mom said the same thing, SG airline has good food and service. :) But on this flight, we took PAL, I hope someday I can try SG airline food too.

  2. I honestly want to go to SG just for Ikea and Chicken Rice! <3

  3. I really wanna go to Singapore! Hopefully we get to save up for that trip soon. I know my boys and I will have an awesome time there.

  4. Finally, natikman din ang Swedish meatballs! I hope it was worth the wait. Sosyal ng meal sa airplane ha, may ice cream pa. :)

    1. Yes, finally natikman din. Parang sa SG flight, lagi may ice cream. :)

  5. Hainanese chicken!!! And I love your photo of the pool vis-a-vis the hotel. :) Soshal ng Singapore airport--no wonder it's our peg and many Pinoys there don't want to come back anymore.

    1. Thanks! True, they apply for permanent residence na. :)