October 15, 2016

Why Staycations Can Be Tons of Fun?

If you’re thinking of going on holiday as a family this year but don’t want to stray too far or spend too much money, a ‘staycation’ can be a really fun alternative. Although you’ll have to miss out on traveling abroad, staying at home in the UK when planning your family holidays can be a great way to spend some fun and memorable times with your partner and children without having to break the bank. We’ve put together some of the best reasons to opt for a family staycation this year, and why they can be tons of fun.

Road Trips 

Going on a road trip to somewhere together as a family can be a lot more fun than taking an aeroplane. Road trips give you the opportunity to control exactly where you go, where you stop along the way, and any detours that you take when you see signs for interesting places that you want to check out. Family road trips can be excellent bonding time and are perfect for laughing together, having meaningful conversations, and simply getting to know one another better. Visit toptests.co.uk to revise your driving theory before a road trip. 

Save Money 

One of the main reasons why more and more families are opting for staycations rather than traveling on holiday abroad is that they can often be much cheaper. With flights being far more expensive during the summer holidays, getting a cheap family holiday abroad can often mean your little ones missing out on school. The best thing about road trips and staycations is that for the most part, you won’t usually have to pay more for things simply because it’s the school holidays. 

Be Adventurous 

Staycations can really encourage you to be adventurous and do things that you wouldn’t normally do. When you take a holiday abroad you usually just want to sit and relax by the pool, but staycations can be filled with a range of interesting activities to take part in. 

Avoid Stress 

When it comes to choosing between staying at home or going abroad for your family holiday, staying at home can be a great way to keep your stress levels at a minimum. Packing suitcases with weight limits, going through security, dealing with bored children on a flight with hundreds of other passengers, and waiting to collect luggage when you have tired kids in tow is all avoided when you take a staycation, so it’s no surprise that more mums and dads are booking their family holidays at home. 


When you’re going on holiday with kids, chances are you have a massive checklist of things that you need to do and what you need to pack in the weeks leading up to your trip. When you stay at home for your family holiday, you won’t need to worry about things such as boarding passes, passports, currency exchange, or letting your bank and mobile phone network know that you’re going to be traveling, meaning that it’s easier to get prepared.

If you’re looking for an alternative holiday to traveling abroad this year, a staycation can be a great idea.


  1. Hhmmm.. That's why we try to enjoy everything while we can, by that i meant while baby is not in school yet.It's nice that we get to go places without having to worry about this aspect. And yup I agree, having staycation is lesser the stress and hassle, you get to really rest and relax more!

    1. Agree, it is nice to travel when your kids is not yet in school. In addition, they are free in hotel accommodation and buffet breakfast. :)