October 10, 2016

Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is our most visited country but we cannot say that Singapore is our favorite country. There are countries that we really wanted to visit and revisit but the budget is not enough. Hehehe! As of this writing, I’ve been to Singapore 3 times, my husband 5 times, and my son 2 times but honestly we still have a long list of places to visit in Singapore.

Singapore is just a small country but few days of stay are not really enough. There are so many attractions to visit that cater to both adults and kids. I guess, there is no perfect Singapore itinerary that I can suggest because we have our own preferences but I will share with you, our itinerary.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in SG, it was a last-minute decision. I just booked it when I saw the Cebu Pacific Air Sale. Good thing I was able to renew my passport before our flight. (Got my passport, two weeks before our trip)



It was our first out-of-the-country trip as husband and wife. At that time, we’re just starting to travel, of course, we have our salary na. Hehehe! I was clueless about DIY travel so I didn’t have an itinerary. I was still working so I have no time to research. I just booked a hotel, listed some places to visit, and off we went to Singapore. 

Because of the flight schedule, we only have two whole days to enjoy SG. Good thing that there was a travel agency nearby the hotel where we booked our tours. There were several options and we chose the following.

Day 1 Singapore City Tour 

We availed of a half-day city tour and we visited Esplanade Theater, Merlion, Chinatown, Botanic Garden, Souvenir Shops, and Little India.  It was a quick trip to each attraction. 

Singapore Zoo + Night Safari 

Singapore Zoo is so big and we were on a group tour so we were not able to explore the whole zoo. We need to follow the tour guide. After SG Zoo, we immediately fell in line at Night Safari so we can ride the first tram.  After watching the show, we went back to the hotel. 

It was a long day for us so the following day, we woke up late. We did not book any tour in the morning but we explored Orchard Road. It was Chinese New Year so most of the stores were closed. 

Day 2 Sentosa Trip Package 

For our afternoon trip, we availed of the Sentosa Trip Package. Our itinerary is Mount Faber, Underwater World, Images of Singapore, and Musical Fountain. I have no idea that we will ride a Cable Car at Mount Faber so it was a scary experience for me because I’m afraid of heights. 

Then we went to Images of Singapore, we were so delighted in taking pictures and when we went out, nakasimangot na mga kasama namin at mukhang inip na inip kakahintay. We’re the second to the last na lumabas sa museum at buti na lang at hindi kami last, kundi nakakaguilty. Hehehe! 

Next is Underwater World, tinapos namin agad ang pag-ikot so we can proceed to Musical Fountain but unfortunately we missed the show and we did not want to wait for the next schedule. So we left Sentosa and went back to our hotel to get our luggage. We took a taxi on our way to the airport to catch out evening flight. 

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After seven years, I already know how to make my own itinerary so when we went back to Singapore, I did not book any tours. We stayed at South East Asia Hotel in Bugis area.  We explored Singapore using Singapore Tourist Pass, we did not take any taxis on this trip. 

Day 1 DIY Singapore City Tour - we started our trip from Clark Quay Station. This was our walking tour itinerary 

Asian Civilization -> Fullerton Hotel -> Merlion -> Esplanade -> Makansutra -> Helix bridge -> Gardens by the Bay -> Marina Bay Sands

It was really a long walk because we have a 4 years old son in tow. 

Day 2 Universal Studio Singapore - USS was not yet opened when we went there 7 years ago so it is really on top of our list to visit. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary here.  

Day 3 Singapore Flyer - we did not ride Singapore Flyer, we just went there because we’re going to Legoland Malaysia. To make our life easier, we availed coach transfer at WTS travel agency.

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Two months ago, we were able to revisit Singapore and we stayed at Sheraton Towers Singapore. This time, we concentrated on Wildlife Reserves Singapore Zoos.

I availed the Park Hopper Plus tickets so I can save money. The Park Hopper Plus ticket price is SGD79 adult and SGD59 kid. The ticket includes admission to River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. We have unlimited Amazon River Quest Ride, unlimited tram ride, and one free carousel ride. 

So for 3 days, my son and I were visiting zoos. Yes, I revisited Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. 

Day 2 River Safari

Day 3 Singapore Zoo
Day 4 Jurong Bird Park
          Night Safari

Finally, I shopped at IKEA Alexandra and was able to taste Swedish Meatballs

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Food Trip at IKEA Alexandra

As I said, I still have a long list of things to do in Singapore. Care to share your favorites in SG. 

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Brazilian Churri
Jumbo Seafood
Wine Connection
Irodori Japanese Restaurant
Newton Food Centre


Irvins Salted Egg Chips

Irvins Salted Egg Cream Sauce
Kaya Spread


  1. Wow, I envy you for being able to visit Singapore for 3 times already. I would always wanted to visit Singapore if given a chance and with these given list of yours on what to do when I get there is a sure thing that motivates me to pursue my plan and visit Singapore.

  2. Singapore is always a great place to visit. No matter how many times, it always leaves a traveller in awe of its beautiful and countless attractions. You can skip shopping because tourist spots and the city alone have so many take aways worth sharing and remembering. I wish ti be back soon! Glad you did so much in Singapore! Fun!

  3. Wahh! I've been here just last week and I spent 7,750 only but 11k if including uss and pasalubong whicH I recently blogged. Singapore is certainly a must visit. I can relate with the long walk! Haha. My feet hurt going back home. Good thing there is a free massage at Changi

    Amae heramazingstory.com

    1. Yes, loong walk especially if you have kid in tow. We took advantage the free massage in Changi. :)

  4. I'm currently in Asia but I'm not sure if I'll be able to see Singapore before I leave to go back to North America. I would love to though and it looks like there's lots to do here! I'll bookmark your page for future reference, should I ever visit!

    1. Thanks! Yes, there are so many things to do in SG. :)

  5. How lucky of you! You get to visit Singapore and enjoy its beauty quite often. It's still on my must-visit list! I can't wait to have a photo with the merlion and and hang aroung gardens by the bay! I really need to start saving up! Anyway, how was the Swedish Meatballs? :))

    1. I haven't been to Gardens by the bay so it is still on my list. The Swedish Meatballs is good but I prefer the Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce.

  6. You are lucky to be so close to Singapore and be able to visit so many times. The closest I've been to it was in Malaysia. It sounds like you had a lot of fun even on the first time, when you didn't really plan much. I find that sometimes doing random things and discovering the local life is much better than the homemade plan :)

    1. True, having no itinerary at all is a nice experience but now I prefer to have itinerary because I always have kid in tow.

  7. You are fortunate enough to be able to go there lots of times. Unlike me, I haven't been there. My friends told me that every move there costs a lot. But I sure like to visit it some day.

    1. Yes, Singapore has high standard of living so it seems that everything is expensive if you will convert it to PHP. :)

  8. I just book a trip to SG for next year!! I'm comparing your 3 trips actually but since I don't have a kid maybe I'll go with the second trip. More of the attractions. I've been to Singapore too last 2012 and I agree that it's always worth coming back. They have a lot of new places to see now like the Haji Lane, Garden by the Bay & Mind Museum.

    1. I'll take note of the three places that you've mentioned. We haven't been there. Happy trip! :)

  9. I can understand returning to Singapore often because it's in your budget. I do the same with Bali each and yes there are other places I would like to go but you know dollars lol. It's great that you are still finding new things to do to keep your trips interesting.

    1. Yes, I've read your post about Bali. :) Travel equals expense so we visit places according to our budget. Hehehe!

  10. Singapore has been in my to go place for quite some time now but I don't have any plans on visiting it yet. Primarily because when I visit Singapore, I want it to be a grand one as there are a lot of places to see there. I will set aside my budget traveller self first. But since I want it to be a grand one, I have to save for it.. so I guess I won't be visiting it anytime soon. Though I'm sure one day.. Singapore.. will be crossed off on my bucket list. :)

    1. I feel you, Japan was in my bucketlist for so long and when we had the chance to visit. I alloted 7 days for that trip, the longest trip we ever experienced. :) I hope you can cross it out on your list. :)

  11. Singapore is an amazing place. We have only been one time for a little over two days. Not enough, just like you said! I really want to go back and explore some more, it really is a very interesting place.The only setback is that it's so expensive right? I think I want to go to the zoo next time.

    1. Yes, two days are not enough but at least you have reason to go back. :) Zoo is very interesting place even for adults.