October 27, 2016

Mom or Dad Can Work with their Kid at Kidzania Manila

Update: I've read from CNN Philippines article last July 22 that Kidzanila Manila is closing down by end of August 31, 2020 after months of shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We treat our son if he did well in school, he doesn’t need to be on overall top or top in class in order to receive something. As long as we know that he did his best and we see the improvement every grading, he deserves a treat.

Two months ago, we received his card and we saw the gold eagle seal. In our school, you feel proud if you have gold eagle seal because it means you have high grades. Bonus na lang if may top, after one week I also learned that he was one of the top 10 in their class. 

So I was thinking of what to give to him, he was asking for a toy but I said no. Then while browsing my newsfeeds, I saw the Kidzania Manila post. Companion can work with misters or misses on September 12, 2016. It was “Eid Mubarak” holiday but they only have one shift and weekday ticket price. Yey for that. 

I asked my son if he likes to go to Kidzania, yun na lang treat namin and he said yes. It was also our chance to experience working at Kidzania. Aminin, we don’t have this nung bata tayo. 

The following day, off we went to Kidzania Manila. I was a bit worried because I already saw the long lines, baka wala na kami slot. But thank God, we were able to buy tickets. This was our second visit to Kidzania Manila, last time he was able to do 16 activities

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12 Activities in One Day at Kidzania Manila 

Click here for the video

As I mentioned, mom or dad can play with their kid. I messaged Kidzania Manila FB page to know what are the jobs that companion can join. But they did not reply, as in deadma until now wala reply. (seen lang) Lol. 

Anyway, when we bought the ticket at the counter we saw the poster of it so I took a photo and for your information, here are the jobs.

Ground Floor Level 

Acting Academy

Art and Design Academy 
Beauty Salon 
Car Design and Dealership 
Hospital - Baby Care Training Center 
Radio Station 

Mezzanine Floor 

Aviation Academy 

Clean Energy Center 
Cooking School 
Pizza Shop 
TV Studio 

Note: Every child visitor may be joined by one companion at a time. 

Companion do not spend or earn Kidzos 
Uniforms are for child visitors 4-14yrs old. 

I guess, this is only available every weekend/holiday. Just call #kidzaniamanila for more information. 

Since we have Kidzos, we did not encash the check  and we went straight to Mezzanine Floor. We fell in line at 1. Clean Energy Center so my husband and son can work. Sarado pa nga nung pumila kami hanggang sa may sumunod na sa amin. Nung nagpapasok na, hindi niya binilang hubby ko, so I asked her. 

Me: Di ba, pwede magjoin ang companion? 

Staff: Yes po, pero mas priority po namin kids. 

I was disappointed because that is one of the reasons kung bakit ko sinama si hubby. So balewala din pala yung pagsama ko kay hubby if he cannot join the activity. Like I said, holiday + may nagfield trip so aasa pa ba ko? Companion fee is not cheap, P630 rin yun. Anyway, wala naman ko magagawa kundi mag-move on. Hehehe! 

And because of that, kinalimutan ko na yung list of jobs na pwede mom or dad. We went straight to 2. Coca-Cola Bottling Plant so my son can make his own Coke. 
Click here for the video

Then we looked for establishments na konti ang pila, we saw the 3. Lady’s Choice Cooking School. It is part of the jobs that companion can join so since kami ang first ulit sa pila. I immediately asked the staff if makakajoin ba companion and she said yes so kahit may mga sumunod na sa pila. He included my husband. Thank God, may napala din ang bayad ko. Hahaha! 

But this is the first and last job that he was able to join. Good thing my husband was there because my son was having a hard time in shaping his sandwiches.

After that, my son encashed his check. No more long lines at the bank. 

Then we went back to the Mezzanine Floor and he worked at 4. Jack & Jill Snack Factory,  5. Magnolia Ice Cream Factory, 6. Purefoods R&D Center, 7. Cream O Snack factory. Click here for the video

The good thing about the paid activities is you can take home your product like the coke, sandwiches, chip, ice cream, cookie and hotdog. 

We’re running out of Kidzos so I told my son that he needs to earn Kidzos so he worked at 8. Urban Garden. While he was working, my husband bought our lunch and sakto pagtapos namin, nakabili na rin siya. Click here for the video

We had a quick lunch. Then my son worked at 9. Pascual Product Lab. Click here for the video

We went to the ground floor to look for other jobs. My son worked in 10. House Painting 11. Window Washing and 12. CSI & Police Station

My son wanted to work pa but I told him, closed na Kidzania. Indeed, when you are inside Kidzania, you will never notice the time because you are enjoying the different activities. We forgot to get ATM again. 

We still have a long list of jobs to try. Among the jobs that my son did, he did not like the Window Washing job, hirap na hirap siya maglinis. Hehehe! Now he knew, it is not easy to clean the house. 

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  1. I love Kidzania. My son had a field trip in Kidzania here in Saudi last year and time was really not enough but I could see how he enjoyed every bit of it. I did! :)

    1. Here in the Philippines, Kidzania is also a favorite option for field trip.

  2. We have been twice since it opened. I love the teach and play concept and how kids are thought discipline and responsibility. I liked it alot, I got my boys passport for extra credits/discounts.

    1. Agree, Pazzport has more perks, souvenir din ang stamps. :)

  3. Good thing madame pa din natry na jobs si kid mu kahit na may kasabay na fieldtrip. Madame nga ding review about jan na mahaba ang pila at hindi natry ung ibang jobs. So basa basa muna ko hanggang sa pwede na ang mga bulilits namin.

    1. True, mahaba ang pila but sulit naman namin. 16 and 12 activities nagawa namin, compared sa iba na 8 lang yata sa haba ng pila.

  4. We've been to Kidzania 4 times already and we can't get enough of it. There's a lot left for us to enjoy. Too bad you guys were not able to really make the most out of the companion fee though.

    1. True, on our next visit kami na lang ulit, one companion is enough. hehehe!

  5. Excellent job to your son for attaining high grades! Nakakatuwa naman. I would love to go to Kidzania rin with my son when he's old and big enough. On a side note, I think Kidzania should develop their social media marketing team! Grabe naman ang pangde-deadma at pangsi-seenzone. Not a good practice for businesses. Para saan pa ang FB Page nila, diba? Promotions lang...? Hehe. Buti na lang worth it pa rin ang visit nyo so deadma na lang din sa pangde-deadma nila sa inyo sa FB. Haha!

    1. Yes, wait muna kasi 4yrs old above lang pwede magwork. Agree, hindi ok ang social media admin nila, di man lang marunong sumagot. Nagpost sila ng promotions tapos pag nagtanong kang details, wala sagot.

  6. KIDZANIA is love. How I wish the place is near ours so I could bring my son there anytime He wishes. But of course, we still need to consider the fee. But should I have stable income and the place is near, I would encourage my son to play there often.

    1. Agree, the fee is not cheap so we could not visit it anytime we want.

  7. Kidzania is really exciting for kids. My daughter is still a toddler so she can't appreciate it yet but I hope to go there when she's older. I didn't know parents can join but I wish it was way cheaper because they can only join in some activities.

    1. Companion can join during weekends. I hope the rate is cheaper too, just like in DreamPlay, mas mura companion. :)

  8. That is so awesome! I personally think Kidzania is one of the best kiddie "amusement" places out there. I hope we can find time to visit it the next time we visit Manila!

    1. Agree, one visit is not enough. I hope you can visit it too! :)