October 30, 2016

Shopping at The Candy Shop Prints

There are online sellers that sell nice products that I like but when I check the payment method, there is no Paypal or Credit Card Option so I will not place an order. I dislike going to the bank just to pay for my order because I need to spend money for transportation, sometimes there is an additional P50 bank fee and of course, I hate the long lines in the bank. 


Two years ago, I learned that "The Candy Shop Prints” accepts Paypal and Credit Card payment so I did not have second thoughts. I’ve been meaning to have my own contact card just like any bloggers. Though I’m not really active in attending events because of my location and I have to prioritize my son but maybe someday I can use it. #atleastiamready 

So for my first order, I ordered my Contact Cards, Memo Cards and Note Cards. I received a payment form and paid it via credit card without a service charge. After few days, I received the soft proof and I approved it. I finally received my order in less than one week after my approval. 


It was a smooth transaction so last year, I ordered Note Cards, Money Envelopes and Gift Tags for gifts and of course for my personal use. This time I used Paypal payment method. After my credit card was hacked, I tried to avoid using it online. 

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One thing I like in The Candy Shop Prints is, It doesn’t charge client “Paypal fee”. I ordered in other online sellers and I have to pay extra because I chose Paypal. 


This year because Christmas is near, I ordered Note Cards, Money Envelopes and Gift Tags. This time maaga na so I can prepare early for the holidays. I had a problem with my Paypal so I have to deposit my payment. I’m thinking if I should activate the Transfer to Anyone feature in BPI mobile app so I don’t have to go to the bank anymore. What do you think? 

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I ordered last October 12, 2016 and I received my order October 27, 2016. Yes, it takes time because they will only process the order once payment is made, you need to wait for the soft proof for approval and then the printing process. The delivery time depends on your location, whether within Metro Manila or outside NCR. So if you are planning to order for the holiday, do it as early as possible. 

Update 2017: They no longer send soft proof after your payment. They will process your order, print, and ship the product after your payment. 

The Candy Shop Prints 

Email: info.thecandyshop@gmail.com  
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  1. I love the idea of ordering this kind of personalized card as well. Gives premium to you as a sender and makes the person receiving that feel extra special. Will definitely check The Candy Shop Prints after finishing this thread.

  2. So timely for this coming holiday season! I also love personalized gift tags. I am still not sure if I would buy one or make my own this Christmas.

    1. DIY gift tags are also nice. I just check Pinterest for free printables since I'm not that creative. :)

  3. wow. That's nice! I like personalized gift tags. I'll check the website and baka swak sa budget, I'll order too.