April 13, 2017

Where to Buy Travel Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa Application

When I was checking the requirements for Schengen Visa, I was surprised when I saw the travel medical insurance because as far as I can remember, I did not get this when I applied for Norwegian Visa when I was still studying. All I can remember is I get a Certificate of Enrollment from my school and that’s it! 

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Now, travel medical insurance is a mandatory requirement if you are applying for Schengen Visa. To be honest, whenever we travel overseas, I do not get any travel insurance since our trip is more or less than a week. Travel insurance is an additional expense for our travel too so I’m just hoping and praying that our trip will be smooth. But if you really have an extra budget, it is very important to have travel insurance just to be sure that we are protected during our vacation. 

The Travel Medical Insurance must cover

1. Necessary medical treatment and emergency hospital care 
2. Repatriation because of illness, injury or death 
3. At least EUR 30,000/PHP 2.5M/USD 50,000 
4. Must be valid throughout the Schengen area 
5. Must be valid for the whole period you plan to stay in Norway or in the Schengen area. 

List of Accredited Insurance Companies by the Schengen Group in Manila 

1. ACE Insurance Philippines 
2. Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. 
3. Assist-Card 
4. Blue Cross 
5. BPI – MS Insurance Corporation 
6. Fortune General Ins. Corp 
7. MAA Insurance 
8. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. 
9. MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corporation 
10. Paramount Life and General Insurance Co 
11. PNB General Insurers Co., Inc. 
12. Standard Insurance Co. 
13. UCPB General Insurance Co. Inc. 
14. WorldWide Travel Insurance Plans 
15. Everest International Group Administrators Inc. 
16. FPG Insurance Co., Inc. 
17. Philippine British Assurance Co., Inc. 
18. Starr International Insurance Philippines 
19. Oriental Assurance Corporation 
20. Philippines First Insurance Company 
21. Pioneer Insurance Company 
22. Liberty Insurance CoRporation 
23. QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippines, Inc. 

Among this list, I only checked two insurance company and I chose Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. because I can purchase the insurance online. The rate is cheaper too compared to other insurance that I’ve inquired. The rate will depend on the number of days of your trip. Check the coverage here.

Malayan Travel Master Global Rates 

8 Days P770 
15 Days P1,100 
24 Days P1540 
31 Days P1,870 
45 Days P2310 
60 Days P2860 
90 Days P4785 

Since it is our first time to avail travel medical insurance, we registered first. Only 18 years old above can buy the travel insurance. I purchased group travel package so I can buy travel insurance for my 8-yr old son. We purchased the insurance few days before our scheduled appointment at VFS Global Norway. 

How to Purchase Malayan Travel Master Global Online 

1. Go to this link
2. Fill out the online form 

Travel Details - Select your travel destinations: Local, Asian or Worldwide
Travel Type - Destination/s 
Travel Duration: Travel duration must cover the date of departure to date of arrival. 
Purpose of Travel: Leisure, Business or Others 
Date of Departure
Will this be used for Schengen Visa Requirement? Yes or No 

Choose your Travel Insurance Package: Individual, Group or Family 

Enter your Personal Details 

Your Full Name 
Contact details: email address and phone number 
Name of Beneficiary 
Relationship of Beneficiary 

3 .Click Submit 
4. Pay the Travel Medical Insurance
5. Check your email for the copy of your insurance policy.
6. Print.

We received the email few minutes after our payment so it is very convenient. I printed two copies, one for the visa application and one copy for our travel. 

P.S. I asked them if the travel insurance is refundable in case of visa denial and the answer is NO. Waah! It is non-refundable so I was praying hard that our visa will be approved. 

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  1. My husband bought insurance from Blue Cross (Pacific Cross na sila). Kaso na denied sya, good thing narefund nya yung insurance nya. Full naman binalik sa kanya.

    1. Buti refundable sa kanila, Malayan insurance is nonrefundable.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I travel a lot, I am planning to get a travel insurance soon.

    1. You're welcome! Happy traveling!

  3. Hi how much did you pay for the group travel package with your son? Thank you

    1. For 60 days, P2860 x 2 persons (me and my son)