June 22, 2018

When I Paid PHP1500 for my PHP2 Mistake

They say that experience is the best teacher and sometimes one simple mistake can cost millions. Good thing that my mistake did not cost a fortune but of course paying P1500 without receiving anything in return is no joke. I cannot even accept the fact that I will pay P1500 for my P2 mistake.

How did it happen? Typo error. Yes, a simple typo error. Last month, I wrote a check to pay our credit card due. My husband signed the check and I went to SM Payment Center to pay our bill. The cashier processed the payment and I got the receipt. After few days, I checked our bank account and the payment was debited. I checked our credit card online account and the payment was already reflected.

May 12 - wrote a check, hubby signed the check and paid my bill at SM payment center
May 15 - money was debited to our account and credit card and payment was reflected.

So I thought, everything was clear, I have no idea that something will happen on May 18. I went to school to buy books, uniforms, supplies and of course, pay my son’s tuition. When I went back to the car, I double checked our bank account to make sure that we have enough funds to cover the check that I issued. I was surprised when I saw the balance of our account, “Bakit sobra?”.

May 18 - I checked our bank account and was surprised to see the balance.

I checked the transaction history and there is a note about “ret chk” and I saw the amount that we paid for the credit card bill. My husband called the credit card company to ask why our check was returned if we have enough funds to pay the due. But the credit card company advised us to call our bank because all they can see is “returned check” and the P1500 fee cannot be waived. Waah!

May 16 - Money was returned to our bank account due to Returned Check.
May 17 - Credit card company charged P1500 for the returned check fee + amount due.

My husband called the bank. At first, they cannot give us the reason why the check was returned. The CSR just kept on saying returned check which we already knew. We want to know the reason why it was returned. Then she gave us a link of possible causes na alam na rin namin, kahit sino pwede magGoogle nun.

Possible Causes of Returned Checks 

1. There are insufficient funds in the account.
2. Stop payment
3. Technical deficiencies like stale, post-dated checks, erasures, typo error or different signature.

Then she said, typo error. My husband asked her what kind of typo error, hindi rin masagot. Of course, hindi naman ko matahimik, san ako nagkamali? I wrote the check, my husband signed the check and the cashier processed the payment. Wala kami napansin na mali.

Finally, after several hours of calls, text and emails. The CSR sent us a scanned copy of the check and I want to beat myself when I saw my mistake.

I wrote 

Figures: PHP XX, 632.00 
Words: __________ six hundred thirty pesos only 

I forgot to write “two” pesos. Grr... 

Five years ago, I made a mistake too, error on my date. I wrote July 12, 20113 but the bank was kind enough to call me so I was able to correct my mistake and they did not charge me. But now, all checks with technical deficiencies, alterations, erasures, or issued checks with insufficient funds will be automatically returned without the need of confirmation. So wala ng tawag-tawag, penalty agad.

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And because of that, I have to pay P1500 for that simple mistake. At that time, I was worried because I just wrote a check for my son’s tuition so napaparanoid ko baka mali na naman sulat ko. Good thing okay naman yung check and that was the last check that I wrote. So far, di pa ko makamove-on. Lol.

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I’m thankful that my husband did not get mad at me. I'm thankful that I checked our bank account because nobody informed us about the returned check. I’m thankful that our credit card bill was not due yet so no interest despite the bounced check and I was able to repay our bill before the due date. And lastly, I’m thankful for my credit card points so I was able to pay P1500 using our cash rebates. I also enrolled our credit card in our online bills payment so I can pay it online na lang na bakit hindi ko pa ginawa dati.

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June 20, 2018

Azalea Hotels and Residences

Baguio is a popular summer destination in the Philippines so if you want to go to Baguio, it is very important that you book early because hotels are always fully booked. Last April, my husband had a seminar in Baguio so we decided to stay in one of the hotels near Camp John Hay, unfortunately the hotels that we checked were already fully booked.

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We’re running out of time and few days before our trip, my husband’s friend booked us a room at Azalea Hotels and Residences. Not really our choice of hotel because I find it expensive but we need a room for two days. Lesson learned, BOOK EARLY. 

Since we are coming from Bangkok, my husband informed the hotel that we will be arriving in the evening. From NAIA 2, it took us more than 5 hours to reach Baguio. We arrived past 11PM, after check-in off we went to our room which is just located on the first floor. We always book a standard room but since the room is not available, we settled for one bedroom suite. The room package includes complimentary buffet breakfast at Tradisyon for 4 persons. 

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The room is big, it has a kitchen area, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and balcony but the view is a wall. There are 2 TVs but we did not check if it is working or if there is a cable. The kitchen has pots, plates, glass and other stuff that you need if you want to cook or prepare your food. But we did not use it because we prefer to eat outside. 

The room is good for 2 adults and 2 kids or 4 adults. It has one queen sized bed at the Master’s Bedroom and one convertible sofa bed. We’re thankful that the sofa bed was already prepared when we arrived because we really wanted to sleep. Same with The Manor Hotel, it has no aircon. We have a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

May window yung bedroom so kahit sarado, rinig ang ingay ng dumadaan. 

Honestly, when I saw the room I was really disappointed because the rate of the room is P8000+ for one night. They claimed that they are 4-star serviced apartment hotel but looking at the room, I guess it is not a 4-star. Yes, the room is big but it is not clean, just look at their tiles. When I moved some stuff like chair, trash bin, lumalabas ang dumi at alikabok. 

Watch the video here 

The bathroom is small and it really needs an improvement. Just check the tiles and grout of the bathroom. The floor towel is also dirty and the floor tiles are really slippery when wet. It provides basic toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and soap. The bath towels are good for three persons and they changed it every day. Our toilet bowl was clogged so we need to call the following morning so they can fix it. 

My son and I just stayed in the room so we were there when the housekeeping cleaned the room. He cleans the room and bathroom using broom and floor mop. I think they need to invest on cleaning materials, their tiles need deep scrubbing. Hindi naman ko OC sa kalinisan pero whenever I think of the P8000 rate, I was expecting na okay ang room. We stayed in other hotels with living room and kitchen area pero maayos at malinis naman. Yung tiles ng lobby nila, malinis at shiny pero bakit ang room, hindi?

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Crosswinds Resort Suites 

Since we are staying on the first floor, you can hear a lot of noise. On our second night, nagising na lang kami around 11PM kasi ang ingay talaga. After several minutes, my husband can’t take it anymore so he called the front desk and informed them. We checked the hallway, wala naman tao, so we don’t know kung sa lobby or sa parking area ba nanggagaling ang ingay. Nakakainit ng ulo. At that time, my husband was planning to check-out na, uwi na daw kami. But I told him, sayang bayad, konting tiis na lang last night na naman. hehehe! Imagine, mas mura pa yung hotel namin sa Bangkok kaysa dito pero ang layo ng experience.

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If you have kids in tow, they have small playground outside the hotel. Aside from that, wala ng magagawa so it is not ideal for staycation. Tulugan lang talaga siya. Since the room is big, it is good for big family or if you want to cook your own food para tipid. But since we are family of 3, I guess we will just choose other hotel. There is free wifi but it is hard to connect and phone signal is weak too in our room. 

Despite of our not so good experience, I cannot deny that the service is good naman. Most of the staffs are friendly and helpful, I think they just need to improve the cleanliness of the room and of course, check the room if everything is working. We also enjoyed our buffet breakfast at Tradisyon. 

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June 18, 2018

Father’s Day at Tong Yang Plus SM Bicutan

We celebrated Mother’s Day at Tong Yang Plus last month and yesterday, we went back again for Father’s Day celebration. My husband just wanted to eat in the Korean Restaurant near our place but I suggested Tong Yang Plus so my father-in-law can try the shabu-shabu. NakapagKorean Restaurant na rin in-laws ko so para maiba naman, we dined at shabu-shabu and BBQ restaurant.

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It was a last minute change so after breakfast, nagmamadali na kami. We left at 9:30AM and picked-up my in-laws. We arrived at Tong Yang Plus before 11AM and I was really surprised when I saw the crowd. The restaurant is already full, the last number they called is #43 and I got #57.

We patiently waited na may mag-bill out. Siguro naman after 1 hour and 30 minutes may lalabas na. Naiinip na in-laws ko and even suggested magJollibee na lang kami. Hahaha! But we told them na we will wait til 1PM so my husband bought some snacks, pampalipas gutom. Matira ang matibay, we’re just waiting outside the restaurant.

And finally at 1:10PM, they already called our number, we waited for more than two hours just to eat. It was my husband’s birth month too so we took advantage the Birthday Promo, “Celebrants can eat free for any day WITHIN THEIR BIRTHDAY MONTH and should be accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULTS”. My son’s rate is only P388 + 5% discount but we paid adult rate so we can avail the promo. I noticed that they don't give cake or greet the birthday celebrant, may discount lang.

There some slight changes on the menu and because of the crowd, nagkakaubusan talaga and medyo matagal din ang refill. My son was looking for tocino and bbq, that was he ate kasi last time. hehehe! Hindi rin ko nakakuha ng ebi tempura, crabs and even garlic. As in wala na minced garlic, sabi nila nagrerefill, e more than 1 hour kami nag-eat, wala ko nakitang garlic kada balik ko. Ito pa naman fave ko sa Tong Yang, yung butter + garlic + meat or fresh shrimp.

I learned that they have fresh shrimps, nakatago lang. You have to ask the staff and they only give two pcs of fresh shrimps per plate. Hahaha! For sliced meat, only two meats are available which are Beef Karubi and Chuck Eye Roll, which is okay na rin because I haven’t tried this last time.

Good thing that there is no cut off time, if you remember our La Fiesta Buffet Experience, they closed the buffet at 2PM. But yesterday, there is no cut-off time, continuous daw ang buffet till dinner. So at least we enjoyed our lunch, hindi kami nagmamadali. Next time hindi na lang kami sasabay sa holiday or special occasion para wala long wait. I think they don’t accept reservation pag may holiday and special occassion so agahan sa pagpila. :)

Since I was hungry, I only have limited pictures. Watch the video here.

Tong Yang Plus Buffet Rate 

Adult Rate 
P588 Adult Weekday Lunch
P688 Adult Weekday Dinner
P688 Saturday, Sunday and Holiday

Kid Rate 
FREE - Kids below 3ft
P188 - Kids 3ft to 4ft
P388 - Kids 4ft to 4’6 ft

*Prices are subject to 5% service charge

Birthday Promo

1. Birthday celebrants of all ages can avail of the promo on the day of their birthday and on any day during their birthday month.
2. Celebrants can eat for free ON THE DAY of their birthday for both lunch and dinner accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT.
3. Celebrants can eat free for any day WITHIN THEIR BIRTHDAY MONTH and should be accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULTS.
4. Paying adults should pay the full rate without any discounts.
5. Celebrants should present any original ad valid government issued or company ID bearing their photo and birthdate.
* Local and foreign ID’s will be accepted.
* Failure to provide above ID requirements, birth certificate may be presented alongside with any ID bearing their photo.
6. This promo cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts.
7. Use of Special Gift Certificates will not be honored for this promo.
8. Promo is available at all Tong Yang Plus branches.

20+2 Promo 

1. For reservations with 22 guests and above are entitled to a special promo of 20+2
2. For every 10 added guests, 1 additional guest may eat for free.
3. This promo cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts.
4. Use of Special Gift Certificates will not be honored for this promo.
5. This promo is only available at Tong Yang Plus Bicutan.

Tong Yang Plus Branches 

SM Mall of Asia
SM Davao
SM Bacoor
SM Bicutan

June 16, 2018

Bintulu City Guide for Tourists

Bintulu, once a quiet village known for fishing and farming, is fast emerging as a developing oil town. The part coastal, part riverine town of Malaysia is fast becoming a tourist destination in Sarawak. Situated between Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, it is a significant gateway to tourist spots and most interesting sights. Make your bookings and pick one of the popular Bintulu hotels for your stay. Make sure that the hotel is close to the interesting sights just beyond the city.

Where to Stay 

Bintulu Airport is not far from the city, and it will take you about minutes to reach your hotel or the town. There are many options for lodging and accommodations in Bintulu that are sure to cater to every kind of traveler and preferences. One can stay at guesthouse, hotels and even look for home stays. Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu is a modern hotel that boasts of lovely views of the sea and offers all the modern amenities. Moreover, it is located near to the market area and the restaurants.

What to Do and See 

Kuan Yin Tong Temple is very close to the center of Bintulu. Vest the wonderful Chinese temple with a lovely garden courtyard and w man-made waterfall. The religious building is surrounded by koi ponds as well as three churches. Note the quality craftsmanship in the dragon fencing.

     * Longhouses are another attraction of the town, and the wooden house with thatch roofs and bamboo walls are placed on stilts. Sarawak’s indigenous groups live in these traditional dwellings.

     * Niah National Park and Caves are a thick rainforest that covers 12-square-mile Park. The caves date back to 40,000 years

     * Similajau National Park was set up in 1976 and is a habitat for nesting green turtles. Explore the walking trails and relax on the beautiful beaches of the 27-square-mile park.

     * Kampung Jepak is the traditional fishermen village that is separated from the central town by Sungai Kemena. Learn about the traditional lifestyle of Bintulu fishermen.

     * Bintulu Promenade is the state's longest waterfront. The commercial and recreational park has become a significant attraction here just the right place to take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the evening breeze.

     * Golf at Bintulu Golf Course and it is a must for visitors who love to play golf. Enjoy the game as well as the splendid sceneries of pine trees around the rocky beach.

     * Bintulu does not lack nightlife, and there are numerous bars, pubs, and clubs here where you can have a gala time with your friends. Enjoy singing at karaoke after a hectic day.

Where to Shop 

Bintulu will not disappoint you when it comes to shopping. ParkCity Mall offers a good range of Western and Malaysian stores while the lively Pasar Malam Night Market is another excellent shopping location for local crafts and souvenirs. Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu are outdoor markets which are a great place to interact with the locals. There are numerous shopping spaces in Bintulu and one can choose based on their needs and preferences.

Where to Eat 

There are many restaurants and food stalls serving local delicacies and traditional food items. Different stalls serve different taste and flavors. For example, Marco Polo Steakhouse is known for best steaks town. Come here if looking for a welcoming change from the local cuisine. Seribu Bintang Restaurant serves a mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian food and is a hot favorite with the locals. Taipei House Restaurant is brightly lit and serves great food. Pasar Malam is held every single day here, and thus you get the chance to enjoy local 'fast food' such as roti canai, burger, Balik, roti canai and pork delicacies such as siew pau.

June 15, 2018

Tradisyon: Pinoy Comfort Food

We stayed at Azalea Hotels and Residences when we went to Baguio last April. The room package includes complimentary breakfast for 4 persons at Tradisyon restaurant. From the name itself, it serves Filipino dishes and some international foods.


We just came from our 6 Days Trip in Bangkok so I was really happy when I saw the different Filipino meals in their buffet spread. I love Filipino dishes so namiss ko talaga ang adobo, dried fish, daing na bangus, pansit, tapa and many more. They have salad, bread, main dishes, dessert, soup, fruits, drinks and omelet station. I just have limited photos because the restaurant was crowded, maybe because it was long weekend.

The restaurant was not that big so it is better to eat early or else ang tagal niyo maghihintay ng vacant tables. On our first day, we’re just lucky kasi dalawa lang kami ng anak ko so naisingit pa kami pero yung ibang guests, ang tagal talaga naghintay. I was a little bit disappointed because when I ordered omelet, tapos na ko kumain, wala pa rin. I made followed up pa, more than 30 minutes ang waiting, parang di naman nasunod yung listahan. Hindi din ako nag-iisa, the two tables on my left and right nagrereklamo na rin sa tagal. Yung isa, pinacancel na rin niya yung omelet kasi tapos na rin siya kumain.

Timing naman, the staff gave me a survey sheet so I wrote about that incident. Hehehe! The following day, may changes agad. Okay na yung pag-order sa omelet station and we even requested for bacon. Yes, the bacon is not included in their buffet spread but you can order without additional charge.


Since I was lazy to go out, my son and I ate lunch at Tradisyon Restaurant. They have brunch buffet but I’ve been eating a lot of buffet meals so I chose a la carte meals. I ordered pinakbet, rice, and chicken and spaghetti (kid’s meal). While waiting the staff gave me fruits pa, complimentary daw.

My son doesn’t like spaghetti so they I asked them to replace it with rice but the staff told me, same price pa rin. I have no choice but to agree kahit alam ko na wala pa P100 ang Chicken Joy meal sa Jollibee. Hehehe!

I was surprised when they served the pinakbet, good for three persons. Waah! So take-out na lang, since we have microwave in the room naman. I forgot the exact price but I paid P500+ for our meal so napaisip ko, sana nagbrunch buffet na lang kami. Hehehe! The food is good naman and ang dami din nila walk-in guests. They also give discount and cake for birthday celebrants, at that moment ang dami may birthday.

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Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food
No. 7 Leonard Wood Loop,
Brgy. Manuel Roxas, Baguio City 2600

June 14, 2018

The Historical Core Tour in Camp John Hay

We went to Baguio without itinerary because I just have no time to prepare and our trip fell on our coding day pa so I thought we will just stay in the hotel. We can commute naman but there were occasional rainshowers during our visit so baka mahirapan din kami. While researching, we found out that there are certain areas in Baguio that we can still access and we just need to avoid the CBD area.

We checked-out early and we started our tour in Camp John Hay. If you remember my Manor Hotel review, my husband discovered the Historical Core Tour in CJH so we decided to check it out. There is an entrance fee, no tour guide, no flyers so you can just tour the place on your own.

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Entrance Fee 

Standard Fee: P60
BLISTT Residence P40
Senior Citizen/Students/PWDs P30
Photoshoot Fee P1000

There are seven tourist spots that you can check, unfortunately, the Bell House Library Museum was under construction during our visit. If you want to know more about Camp John Hay or if you love history, you will enjoy this tour. It is a walking tour so expect na hihingalin kayo sa paglalakad especially sa history trail.

Watch the video here.

1. The Bell House
2. The Bell House Library Museum
3. The Bell House Amphitheater
4. Cemetery of Negativism
5. The Secret Garden
6. Totem Pole
7. History Trail

The Bell House 

The All American themed house of Major General James Franklin Bell. He designed this house and other structures in Camp John Hay. It gives scenic view of mountain ranges, pine forests, and manicured lawns and gardens.

The Bell Amphitheater 

“Where your whisper is heard”

Major General J. Franklin Bell personally designed and supervised the construction of the Bell Amphitheater. It was completed in May 1913. It is a perfect backdrop for all occasions like wedding.

Cemetery of Negativism 

It is also known as Pet Cemetery or Lost Cemetery, it is a symbolic burial place of man’s greatest self-imposed infliction, limiting factor and heaviest burden. It is designed by Base Commander Major John High Tower. It is one of the popular sites in Historical Core, I learned about this because of the TV series that I watched before “Forevermore”

The Secret Garden 

“A calm rest with nature” A perfect place to make promises or whisper prayers to the elements.

Totem Pole 

It is made by Ernesto Dul-Ang who was employed by the camp as a wood carver. The Totem Pole has the image of leaders who helped shape the development and history of Baguio City, Camp John Hay, and the Philippines in general. They are Admiral George Dewey, General Emilio Aguinaldo, Pres. William Howard Taft, Secretary John Milton Hay, William Cameron Forbes, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, Major General Franklin Bell, Lt. Col. Lyman W. Kennon, Mayor James Hanselma, and General Douglas McArthur.

History Trail 

Learning the history of Camp John Hay while taking a walk under the pine canopy. Take time to read the history posted along the way. It is approximately 500 meters in distance so it is a walking tour that my son did not enjoy. Hehehe!

After our Historical Core Tour, I saw the Statue Liberty and I was really surprised because I’ve been to Camp John Hay for the nth time but it was only last April that I saw this statue. Oh di ba, no need to go to France, meron dito na kapareho ng statue nila.

The Statue of Liberty 

The Statue of Liberty portrays the figure of a woman who had just won her freedom. The torch in her right hand is a light to others to follow. The law book in her left is a symbol of justice. Broken shackles lie at her feet as she steps forward to enlighten the world.

The Statue of Liberty at Camp John Hay erected on December 1981 stands exactly 48” high - the same as the original located at Point de Grenelle Bridge in Siene, Paris, France as symbolic and beautiful as her sisters.

We did not stay long at CJH because the rain started to pour again. Buti na lang natapos namin ang Historical Core Tour before umulan.

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June 13, 2018

Lunch at Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna

We’re supposed to eat lunch at the Food Camp but because of the rain hindi na natuloy. So we decided to go to a different restaurant but we’re having a hard time looking for parking, parking is always full. We were really hungry so kahit saan pwede na pero punuan talaga. We were losing hope so we went straight to Good Shepherd Convent to buy pasalubong first, then we started looking for a restaurant again.

We passed by Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna and I remembered that this is one of the Top 10 Restaurant in Baguio and finally, we were able to park. Yey, merienda time na yata so nalipasan na kami ng gutom. Lol I love the interiors of the restaurant, the combination of blue, white and yellow colors. There are a lot of tables but the best spot is at the balcony because you have the view of the mountains and pine trees. And like I said, it is a good spot so sometimes di kami makaconcentrate sa pagkain kasi bigla may pwepwesto sa gilid namin para mapapicture sila with the view. Waah!

The staff gave us the menu, it’s been years since the last time we tried Greek food so it was a challenge to choose meal. We ordered Greek Village Sausage P180, Grilled Steak P410, Greek Style Spaghetti P260 and Classic Baklava P160. They have a special menu too where you can order lamb rack, seafood platter, Angus beef, beef giouvetsi and lamb giouvetsi that is good for two, four or six persons.

The meals are good for sharing. I was worried that my son will not like the sausage but I was glad that it is not spicy. For the grilled steak meal, it includes vegetables and a choice of fries, plain rice, lemon pilaf or pita, I chose fries. I enjoyed my grilled steak, there is a distinct flavor so siguro ito yung Greek or Mediterranean taste.

My husband enjoyed his spaghetti, it is not the usual red spaghetti. The pasta is already filling because of the big chunk of beef sirloin and generous mozzarella cheese. I love cheesecake so I ordered Baklava Cheesecake but it was not available so I chose Classic Baklava instead. It is a delicate dessert made of thin paper-like dough called Phyllo filled with chopped nuts and sweet honey syrup. It is not the usual dessert that I eat but it was good.

Overall, we were satisfied with the meal and service. The only thing I don’t like is yung bill-out, ang tagal talaga. Uwing-uwi na kami, parang gusto ko ako na magcompute para sa kanya. Nagmanual computation pa sila in the end, I don’t know why.

Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna
26 Outlook Drive, Baguio City
Open daily from 11AM to 10PM

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June 12, 2018

Food Camp at Baguio Country Club

Happy Independence Day! Today is a holiday but because of the heavy rains, we’re stuck at home and enjoying the bed weather. This reminds me of our Baguio trip last April. After our Historical Core Tour in Camp John Hay, we passed by Food Camp in front of Baguio Country Club so we checked it out. Parking is limited, fortunately, we got a slot.

Food Camp at the Baguio Country Club is the new attraction in Baguio that offers local and international dishes such as Japanese, American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, and of course Filipino. You can see camping area, bonfire, log cabin, go-kart, and food stalls.

The Christmas Village is now Food Camp. It is the first and only food camp in the city. There is no entrance fee and will be open to public from February 14, 2018 until June 2018. But I learned that they already closed the food camp last May 31, 2018.

Opening Hours 
5PM to 10PM (Weekdays)
10AM to 11PM (Weekends and Holidays)

My son tried the Go Kart but after one round, the rain began to pour. Sayang! Since it is an al fresco dining restaurant, hindi na kami naglunch and I just bought bread. I bought banana bread, carrot bread and raisins bread. We liked the banana bread. My son and I did not like the carrot bread, we prefer the carrot cupcake that we tried at Hill Station. But my husband liked the carrot bread so binaon pa niya sa office. We gave the raisins bread to my in-laws since favorite nila ang raisin bread.

Baguio Country Club Food Camp Desserts by Kate Reed’s 

P100 Almond Brownies
P100 Baked Cheesecake
P100 Baklava
P265 Banana Bread
P100 Blueberry Cheesecake
P290 Carrot Bread
P280 Cheese Bread
P100 Chocolate Mousse Cake
P100 Cookies
P50 Cream Puff
P50 Eclair
P100 Mini Cake Choco Truffle
P100 Mini Cake Red Velvet
P100 Panna Cotta (Mango)
P100 Panna Cotta (Strawberry)
P265 Raisin Bread

Now that the food camp is closed, I don’t know if I can still taste the BCC bread or desserts if ever we will go back to Baguio.

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