March 25, 2014

Day 1: Petronas Twin Towers

August last year, I asked my husband if I can book a flight to Singapore for our 8th wedding anniversary which is February 2014. We had a travel ban last 2013 so I was so happy when he said yes. At that time, Cebu Pacific was having a seat sale so I booked Manila to Kuala Lumpur. One way trip for P3,625.50 for 3 persons.

I thought we could not pursue this trip because I had severe psoriasis last September and were spending so much money on my check-up, lab test, and phototherapy. But God is so good because we were able to make it.

Fast forward to February 15, 2014, we went to NAIA 3 for our much-awaited trip, I exchanged some Philippines Peso to Malaysian Ringgit, P14.70 = RM1 so if you have time try not to buy at the airport because the exchange rate is not so good.

As usual, we were so early so I spent my time reading I Wish They Taught Money in High School book while my husband and son played games in Ipad. The travel time is about four hours and I was expecting a dark sky but I was shocked because the sky looks like 5PM but it was almost 7PM when we got out of the airport.

We avail the coupon taxi for RM102.10 from airport to Sky Hotel Bukit Bintang. The airport is almost an hour of travel to the city. We checked-in and rest for a while.

After dinner, we went to Petronas Twin Towers, it was a long walk from the hotel but that was fine because it is still better than to be stuck in the traffic. 

From Sky Hotel just go to Lot 10 then walk straight to Pavillion Mall. Turn left and you can see coffee shops and other restaurants, at the end, you will see the walkway to Petronas Twin Towers and just follow the sign.”

Pavillion Mall and Walkway

Finally, we reached the Petronas Twin Towers and were just in time for the fountain show. As expected, there were so many tourists so diskarte na lang so you can take your picture. The tower is really beautiful, iba pa rin sa personal kaysa sa picture.

Few days before our trip napanood pa namin yung movie ni Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd na “Miss You Like Crazy” and I was telling my son that we will go to Petronas Twin Tower and he said, “No, panget yan e” but when we saw the Tower up close, my son said “Ganda building” hehehe!


  1. very nice pics!! I live just infront of petronas towers hehe. Facing jalan P ramlee street. love to se your happy photos! x0~