October 12, 2011

My Pizza Hut Story

Last Sunday we went to Enchanted Kingdom and we all know that bringing of foods and drinks inside the theme park is not allowed so we had a quick snack at Pizza Hut. We order regular super supreme pizza and use our pizza hut card to avail free pizza. My husband gave his credit card and pizza hut card; I left the counter to buy Dairy Queen Ice cream for my son and look for a vacant table. Then my husband came without the pizza, I asked him.

Me: Bakit nandito ka na?
Hubby: Pinaupo na niya ko at bumalik na lang daw.

After few minutes, my husband claimed the pizza and he called me and said “Di daw pwede yung card” So I gave him P500 then he said, kulang.

Me: paano magiging kulang e regular pizza and 1.5 pepsi lang yung order.

The manager came holding two boxes of family pizza and the staff said, ma’m regular lang ba?

Me: yes, dalawa lang naman kami kakain.

The manager gets our P500 bill and gave the two family size pizzas and said, we will just give you the change. So we got two family size pizza and 1.5 liter pepsi for P380+.

I love pizza but I did not enjoy my pizza that day, (feeling ko sasakit tiyan ko at hindi yun ang order namin). Good thing that the credit card did not work that time or else I will charged P550+ for their mistake.


  1. hassle naman yun sis,I also read Mommy Fleur's Pizza Hut story way back and sadly because of other people's mistake nagkakaroon ng not so good image ang PH.

  2. ang gulo nga talaga pero buti na lang di gumana yung credit card kung hindi, wala na ko magagawa.

  3. ang kulit nila ha!
    sis di ko pa natatanong yung costume rental malapit sa amin kase sa 24 pa gagamitim ni aquim yun..hehe! pero once nalaman ko inform kita agad :)

  4. Kami naman ang na experience namin di binigay ang receipt. Yun pala nagkamali sila ng kwenta e hinanap ko kung nasan ang receipt.Ayun buking ang kapalpakan nila.

  5. hindi rin pwede sa kin ang wala receipt. lagi ko hinihingi.