October 24, 2011

Starting All Over Again

My laptop crashed last Saturday morning, this is the reason why I’m so sad and it seems that I am just existing but not living. Eating my comfort foods doesn’t help and I could not even sleep because the whole day, I was just thinking about my files and if there is a way to recover it. 

I have a lot of things and errands to do but I was not really in the mood and because of that, I wasn’t able to finish my checklist. It may look so pathetic but I just felt that part of me was missing, so I cannot really let go and focus. But I’m trying to move on and prepare myself just in case we could no longer save my files.

My husband has been convincing me to replace my laptop but I am still confused and I’m not sure if this is the right time to replace it. I’m not asking him to buy me one because I’m used in buying my own things and stuff, katas ng maternity benefits ko ang laptop ko so may sentimental value. But he left Sunday evening and went home with my new laptop. Since I can’t decide, siya na nagdesisyon for me.

I asked him why he bought a laptop and he said “yan nagpapasaya sa’yo, mabobored ka lang lalo sa bahay kung wala ka gagamitin.” Then I said, ayaw mo lang ko pagamitin ng laptop mo” (joke). But deep inside I was really touched and I realized that he understands my feelings, he knows what makes me happy and of course he loves me. (side effect na ba to ng fascinating womanhood).
So starting this day, no more sulking, it is time to move on and start all over again. But I am still crossing my fingers, (tagal kasi ng long weekend kaya di ko pa mameet brother ko.)


  1. mahirap tlga mag let go ng mga bagay na pinag paguran ntin but knwng its a gift from your husband I guess it would be okay:)

    ang sweet naman ng asawa mo:) early christmas gift!

  2. hahaha! mukhang early christmas gift nga. =)

  3. Your hubby's so sweet :) Hope you're feeling better now sis. Anyway, he got you an Asus pala! It's a really good brand. Not as popular or stylish in style, but it's durable. My Asus laptop is already 4 years old and still standing strong! ;)

  4. sweet naman ni husband sis,no more sulking,time to build lots of happy memories with your new lappy.hehe! Asus is also my laptop for 5 years and durable talaga kahit minsan kawawa na kay Xian! :D

  5. i agree, asus is not popular and i'm not familiar with this brand but reading your comments, napanatag na ko. durable naman pala. =D

  6. So bait namn at thoughful ng hubby mo! Alam nya talaga kung ano makakapgpasaya sayo kaya binigay nya agad.