October 25, 2011

Halloween Costume

Last Friday, my husband sent me a message about their Company’s Trick or Treat; I never attended any Trick or Treat event so I am really clueless when it comes to the costume so I search the internet for some samples and hoping that it is available here. 

Though I was feeling low last Saturday, I still went out to look for Halloween costume for my son. This will be his first Trick or Treat experience and I do not want to miss the chance. We did not attend the past few events because my husband was not available to accompany us.

Unfortunately, there were few costumes left and no available size for my son. I like the fireman and policeman costume because it includes tools but it doesn’t fit. Then I saw this Pirate Costume and luckily it fits him so I bought the costume. I guess this is the cheapest costume, half the price of the policeman and fireman set.

I just hope that he will wear this costume because right now, he doesn’t want to wear the belt and bandana.


  1. Cute! Post pics of the event a. Is there a costume contest too? Maybe he'll reconsider wearing the belt and bandana if he knows he might win an additional prize. =)

  2. cute costume! :) pirate rin nga naisip namin ni hubby na costume ni joaquim :)

  3. Sometimes, I'm also hesitant to buy costumes. Overprized yung iba to think that one time lng gagamitin. :(
    Buti you were able to find an affordable costume. I hope your little one will wear it on the day of the event :) sanayin mo isuot araw2 and let him know that other kids will be wearing costumes too :)

  4. saw this costume sis,cute naman sya.how i wish mapagsuot ko din si Xian.pag di nya kase feel never nya talaga susuot,unless McQueen siguro.hihi!

  5. Pirate costume is common for boys. If he sees someone else wearing a costume similar to his, I guess he'll realize something is missing. So just in case, bring the bandana and the belt while trick or treating. He might decide to wear them afterwards. Hihi!

    Visiting from GT sis. Hope you'll visit back :)

  6. Cute costume sis! How I wish I can make Andrei were a costume for an upcoming trick or treat in our neighborhood. I had a hard time making him wear one last year!

  7. @TAJ - yes, there's a costume contest. =)

    @kath - cute nga sis yuung pirate, mura pa. hihi!

    @em - i agree, too expensive for one time use, but since this is his first time, never mind muna the cost. pero namili pa rin ko ng mura, hehe!

    @ jo- wala nga mcqueen na costume dun. swerte nga, kasi nag-iisa na lang tong pirate costume. =)

    @ pink magaline - common pala, i just hope na wala siya katulad. =)

    @ jenggai - hirap nga utuin mga kids, wish ko talaga isuot sa friday, sayang costume.

  8. By the way, my friend's son is gonna wear a mummy costume. It's pretty cheap. You only need rolls of tissue :)

  9. ^ that is really a nice idea. very creative and inexpensive costume. =)