October 31, 2011

Epson Outsmarted Me

I replaced my 3 in 1 printer last June because the scanner was broken. I’ve tried Canon and HP before so I want to try something new, I bought Epson ME 320 (Multifunctional for Economical, Efficient and Effective Endurance), knowing that I could save more.  

Save more with Epson INKdividual Cartridges

• Enjoy greater savings with Epson cost-effective INKdivdual™ cartridges. You can now maximise usage of your ink cartridges when you replace only the empty cartridge.

My black cartridge finally rant out and I went to Inkrite for refill like I always do but I was shocked when I learned that my cartridge is a disposable type and the only way that I could save for ink is to avail their conversion service which cost P2500.

I only pay P150 for my HP black cartridge refill but since Epson has a disposable type of cartridge, I need to spend P320 (it doesn't last long) for one black cartridge which I think is not economical. Another disadvantage is, I can no longer use my printer unless I replace the empty cartridge unlike in my old HP. So now, I am back with my old printer because I am still thinking about the conversion thing.


  1. Dito walang ink refilling station so these type of printer is the more economical. But it's still expensive I know! Sabi sa reviews na nabasa ko a kodak printer is the most economical, though i forgot which model it was....

  2. buti meron dito kaya namamahalan na ko sa ink pag hindi refill.

  3. The good side and the bad side of a new printer:)

    But whatever works economical..lets go for that:) to save money for merry merry christmas:)

  4. never a fan of epson. iba pa din pag sikat no, may value kahit ang cartridge, refillable pa..

  5. Ouch! Try mo rin yung continuous ink ba yun? yung bottles ng ink ang re refill mo?

  6. ^ yun nga pinag iisipan ko ngayon, P2500 daw e. di ko alam kung ok talaga.

    chyng - mas ok talaga kung pwede refill, mas mura e. =)

  7. Yikes! Very bad! They should have told you that before.