November 09, 2011

24 Hours Trip in Baguio

Baguio is known as “Summer Capital of the Philippines” so there is no doubt that people love to visit this place, especially during summer season. I’m one of those people who visit Baguio every summer. I was seventeen when I first set my foot in Baguio and the rest is already a history.

Would you believe I’ve been in Baguio in different status, I was single, in a relationship, engaged and married (parang Facebook status lang, hehe) so I can definitely say that Baguio is very dear to me, I will never get tired of this place.

After visiting my in-laws in Pangasinan, we went to Baguio to spend the rest of our long weekend. We’re supposed to stay until Tuesday but we were able to finish our itinerary within 24hrs. Yes, we explored Baguio within 24 hours. Sharing with you, our itinerary.

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Day 1 in Baguio; Sunday 

1:30PM – Arrival at Hotel Veniz
3PM – Late lunch at Solibao at Session Road
4PM – Start of tour

1. Baguio Cathedral
2. Burnham Park

Baguio Cathedral and Burnham Park are both walking distance from the hotel.

6PM – Dinner at Good Taste (beside Centermall)
7PM – Back to Hotel Veniz

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The weather did not cooperate with us but the rain did not stop us, we still went out to tour my son. We started our walking tour in Session Road, looking for a place to eat our lunch. It is nice to walk up and down and feel the city; you will see different restaurants, establishments and wagwagan (ukay-ukay).

Then we went to Baguio Cathedral. It was Sunday so the place is really crowded even it was raining.

Last stop is Burnham Park; my son really enjoyed his boating experience.

We went back to Hotel Veniz because I can no longer stand the freaking coldness of Baguio, my jacket is not thick enough to keep me warm and my legs are really shaking.

Day 2 in Baguio; Monday  

7AM – Breakfast at Hotel Veniz Grill
8:30AM – Start of Tour

We check-out early so we can finish our itinerary.

La Trinidad and more...

1. Bell Church
2. Strawberry Farm
3. Tam-Awan Village and Arko ni Apo
4. Weaving School
5. Lourdes Grotto
6. Mines View Park
7. Good Shepherd
8. Wright Park
9. The Mansion
10. Camp John Hay

Before 1:30PM we went home, we skipped PMA and Botanical Garden. Last stop is

11. Lion's Head at Kennon Road.

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Tam Awan Village and Arko ni Apo
La Trinidad and More 

Food Trip in Baguio 


We had our late lunch at Solibao, we’ve got sizzler platter of pork binagoongan, lechon kawali, and soup of the day. The sizzler platter is already a complete meal; you have fried rice, egg, meat, veggies and one piece of puto bumbong for dessert. I’m not into veggies but I enjoyed their vegetables, you know that it is really fresh. I also love their puto bumbong while my son loves their soup.

Good Taste

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Good Taste so I see to it that I will not leave Baguio without trying this restaurant. It is located beside Centermall. At 6PM the place is already jam-packed, there are people waiting on the stairs for their takeout order and it is hard to look for a vacant table, it only means that this restaurant is really good.

We ordered fried rice, soup with siomai and garlic buttered chicken. I’ve read a lot of good things about their chicken so I was really expecting that it was really good.  But I was disappointed when I saw the chicken, it is not the chicken that I’ve been thinking of, I thought I will be eating a crispy garlic buttered chicken like Wong Sau’s Buttered Chicken. Well, it is also my fault because I did not ask.

Garlic Buttered Chicken is like buffalo wings, hubby and I dislike Buffalo wings so we did not enjoy our meal but if you like Buffalo wings you will love this. But I still recommend this place if you want an affordable meal.

Hotel Veniz Grill  

I did not expect that we will have a buffet breakfast at Hotel Veniz. My husband said, their buffet breakfast is better than Microtel Baguio when it comes to choices.  We all love their French toasts with cream.

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Pasalubong from Baguio

We’ve spent our long weekend in Pangasinan and Baguio, a very short trip plan but we enjoyed our sweet escape. Speaking of Baguio, I will never leave Baguio without buying my favorite ube jam from Good Shepherd and Romana’s peanut brittle. This is really our favorite pasalubong or bitbit pack from Baguio.


  1. haha speedy trip ah
    will be back in Baguio by December! Excited na ku!

  2. enough lang na maexperience ang lamig ng baguio. =)

  3. Wow! That was fast.. XD When we were in Baguio, lagi kaming tumatagal kakapicture and kakatawad sa mga souvenir items.. :) I miss Baguio!

  4. @mommy jo - yes sis, sarap sa baguio, malamig na.

    @sumi go - we don't buy souvenirs na kasi. hehe!

  5. Breath taking! Ganda ng pagkakuha! Thanks for linking up to Colorful Weekend, michi!

  6. Beautiful photo..Thank's for sharing..

    Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..