November 14, 2011

Belle De Jour 2012 Planner

Thank you Patty Laurel for my Belle De Jour 2012 planner. I’ve got this package a few minutes ago and I was really curious where it came from, signed the form and got my package.

I was excited to know what’s inside and I have to unwrap three plastic wrappers. Then finally, I saw Belle De Jour 2012 planner, I was really jumping and shouting “yehey” and even my son joined me, he also jumped and shouted ” yehey”. 

I did not know that I won the contest but I was really grateful, the last Belle De Jour Planner that I have was a gift from my last Christmas Party at the office. This is the second time that I received a package from the contest that I’ve been joining.


  1. Congrats! :) Btw, loving the 2012 design of BDJ. I'm still a little undecided if I should get it or collect Starbucks stickers for their planner instead.. >.<

  2. jenggai - lucky me talaga =)

    sumi go - i still prefer SB planner, manipis kasi pero i don't want to splurge on my planner so i'm happy with my BDJ planner (free pa).

  3. i have been using BDJ since 2009.. but lately, i find the realization that i am only after the discounted coupons, and most of them are still unused.. :-/

    same as Sumi, i am torn: BDJ, Starbucks, Navi or CBTL?? hehehe

  4. i only used 1 coupon on my last BDJ planner. :(