November 09, 2011

Baguio: Hotel Veniz

This was the first time that I stayed in a hotel because every time we go to Baguio we stay at my friend’s condominium or we rent a transient house. I was torn between Microtel Baguio and Hotel Veniz, but I chose the latter for two reasons, strategic location and affordability. 

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It is very near in market, restaurants, shopping centers, wagwagan, Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral and Session Road. My husband who always stays in Microtel Baguio reserved our accommodation but I told him to cancel the reservation and call Hotel Veniz (kuripot mode).

We arrived at Hotel Veniz last Sunday at 1:30PM, the front desk told us that the room is not yet ready and if we could wait till 2:30PM. Of course we said no, check in time is 2PM but 2PM came and there is still no information if our room is available and I’ve been seeing newly arrived guests who have their room key so my husband follow up our room and that is the only time that they have checked if our room is ready. I was really disappointed with the service, the staffs are really unapproachable and unfriendly and I didn’t hear any greetings and apologies from them.

We only booked a standard room for P1795. The room, furniture and even towels look so old and one more thing there is no window, but I cannot complain because I chose this hotel. 

The following day, there was water spilled beside our bed, we have no idea where it came from, the bed is not close to aircon or bathroom.  

We had our free buffet breakfast at Hotel Veniz Grill, I was shocked when the staff greeted and smiled at me, (so there is good staff pala). We’re delighted with our buffet breakfast and my husband told me that Hotel Veniz buffet is better than Microtel Baguio when it comes to quantity and variety.  

Buffet Breakfast P275
Children below 4ft P137.50
Children 2ft below FREE

After breakfast, we already checked out so we can start our tour, front desk and support staffs on duty are now friendly and approachable. 

Hotel Veniz
One Abanao St., Baguio City 2600, Philippines
Phone: (63) (74) 446 0700 to 03
Cellphone: +63 0917 506 0701
Telefax: (63) (74) 446 0704


  1. Baka talagang unapproachable and unfriendly lang yung mga nasa shift when you checked in? Anyway, that's the problem with service businesses. It's hard to maintain a consistently good service because of the staff. Good thing nabawi naman sa breakfast buffet :)

  2. The place looks ok. Although no window? Might be too stuffy nga. =(

  3. hindi ba more expensive sya lalabas kasi sa microtel, 2200 lang ang room, with breakfast na? that is, if you get the promo with victory liner?

  4. ^cheaper pa rin, i only paid P1795 =)

  5. oh ok, i thought you still had to pay 275 for the breakfast buffet :)

  6. may i please know the room number you stayed in?

    1. sorry, i can't remember the room number.

  7. Good review and nice pics :)