November 11, 2011

La Trinidad and More

Our second day in Baguio and thank God for giving us fair weather, we started our tour in La Trinidad. First stop is Bell Church, it is a Buddhist Temple that has pagoda, landscaped garden and fountain.

Hubby and I have been here before with our college friends, we just revisited this place for my son. Though I'm not sure if he will remember this since he's just three years old. 

After Bell Church, we went to Strawberry farm but we did not experience strawberry picking or lettuce picking because it’s not yet in season. Lagi na lang hindi season pagpumupunta kami. We just bought some pasalubong and tried their strawberry ice cream P20 and strawberry taho P20. I still prefer the original taho with syrup.

Then we proceeded to Tam-Awan Village but I will create a separate post for this. Last stop of our tour is in Easter School Weaving. If you are interested in handicrafts and native fabrics, this is the right place for you, but we went here to witness the cloth weaving process. 

Once you see the weaving process you will understand why the price of the cloth is steep and you will appreciate more of their product. The weaving room is just below the store.

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