November 28, 2011

Handog Ko, Aklat Mo: A Christmas Book drive

I went to National Bookstore yesterday to buy some gift wrapper, Christmas wrapper, and paper bag and when I’m about to pay my stuff, the cashier asked me if I want to purchase books as donations. I didn’t know that National Bookstore has this Christmas book drive since 2006. 

The book is only P69.75; the cashier will give you sticker and tag where you can write your name and put it in the book and Christmas tree, then drop the book in their drop boxes. So if you want to donate some books to public institutions, this is the best way to help them and share your Christmas blessings.


  1. this is good! will support this when i get home this december...

  2. wow! nice initiative... i wonder if they are also accepting old books.

  3. This is so nice! I contribute to these too. But now, I make sure to place it under the little one's name so she will understand there are more people in need. =)

  4. JCEE- not sure if they accept old books, maybe on their other projects.

    TAJ- too late na nung naisip ko yan, nasulat ko na name ko. well, there is always next time. =)