April 26, 2012

Go Organic

Since 2009 I’ve been using organic products, I even registered to become a member of Greencow to avail discounts and until now I’m still using these products especially the insect repellent lotion. I always bring this lotion everywhere we go just be sure that we are safe from dengue.

Last year, I had a chance to visit Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm and I’ve tried these products. Compared to Greencow, Ilog Maria is more affordable. I love their massage oil and lip balm.

I’ve received Human Heart Nature products 3 years ago; it was a gift from a friend. Then last December my son received HHN products and he is still using the HHN shampoo and baby wash. I was so glad when I won two giveaways because I have new stock of HHN products. =) I love the anti-bacterial pocket soap and sanitizer.

How about you? What organic products are you using?

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