April 27, 2012

Nostalgia: Wedding Day

I've just attended a wedding last Saturday and I can’t help myself but reminisce about our wedding day. Did you know that I had two weddings in one year? Well, we did not plan it but when my husband learned that his father will be going to the USA, he decided to have a civil wedding as soon as possible. He wants his dad to be present on our wedding day. 

I have no idea about his plan, he just informed me after he talked to his parents. I was really shocked because we only have two weeks to prepare but I still said yes. Good thing that we have marriage license already, I applied early because I need my mom’s signature. I did not do anything, my hubby’s family prepared everything for the wedding, we just gave them money and our marriage license. And because it was a rush wedding, I only invited my immediate family.

After our civil wedding, we’re still busy preparing for our garden wedding. Some people advise me not to continue our garden wedding and just save the money for our future house but I did not listen because I really want to have my dream wedding. Not a grand wedding but I want my family, relatives, and friends to be there. We already paid down payments 14 months before the original date of our wedding and it’s non-refundable so I don’t want to waste the money.

And of course I want to have a souvenir; I want photos and videos of our wedding day. I love pictures so I got a package that includes two photographers and one videographer but I was so disappointed because I have very limited pictures after the wedding. I only had two family pictures. We even had more pictures during our pre-nup than on my wedding day. So I won’t recommend them, I hope Minneapolis photographers are not like them.

I’m checking some wedding sites and I’ve learned about Minneapolis wedding DJ. A wedding jockey on your wedding day sounds cool. Too bad I did not know about this six years ago. 


  1. bkit di white wedding dress mo? ... you are so pretty on your wedding day btw. It must be very special, sweet ni manong ariel ha. :P

    di pa ulet ako naiinggit sa wedding... oh no, and it's starting now... 4, 3, 2 , 1... ayan, inggit na ako :( magsisimula na naman akong magtanong, kelan kaya ako? hahaha!

    btw, thank you sa calamansi cup cake... we did the taste test dito sa office, we liked it... i'm looking for the calamansi taste, it's actually on the after taste sa gilid ng dila. Good job mommy michi!

    1. white yung wedding dress ko, hindi pa kasi ko nagpapalit dito. hehe! pumoposing pa kasi ko. =)

      glad that you like the cupcake, ayaw ng mag-ama ko.

  2. kaya pala pinapaubos samin.. nung inaalok nya pa lang ako, sabi ko calamansi? anong lasa nun? ... parang Salesman, sabi ba naman sakin, taste it... hahaha!

    btw, pwede mo kaming gawin na guinea pigs :P

    1. kala siguro hindi ko malalaman na hindi niya kinain. =)

  3. Interesting story to tell your children in the future. =)