April 04, 2012

Why is it Important to Check your Receipt?

Do you always check your receipt whenever you buy something? Do you really examine the amount printed on the receipt? Or you don’t care at all. If you’ll ask me, I always check my receipt but there is one instance that I did not check my receipt after I purchased some items. When I got home and checked my receipt, I found out that the “buy 1 take 1 item” that I purchased was not charged as B1T1 so I bought the items at regular price. 

I was so disappointed because I only bought the “Little Einstein” CD because its buy 1 take 1 for P120 or P150. But I did not go back to Festival Mall because going there is more expensive (gas, tollgate and parking) compared to P120 or P150 that I overpaid. I can easily notice this if I only bought the cd. So lesson learned, don't forget to check your receipt.

Another instance is when I paid our credit card bills in SM payment center, I paid two credit card bills for the same credit card company

Credit card 1: P5000
Credit card 2: P7000

pero napagpalit ng cashier yung amount.

Credit card 1: P7000
Credit card 2: P5000

Good thing that I checked my receipt before I left the counter, I informed the cashier about it and she made some adjustments.

Then yesterday, I went to SM to buy some personal stuff, I saw some Buy 1 Take 1 shirt for my son so I bought two sets of B1T1. I checked the monitor screen to ensure that I really get the discount then I noticed that the B1T1 item was charged as regular item. I called the attention of the cashier.

Me: Miss, hindi yata nagrereflect yung Buy 1 Take 1 ko
Cashier: Ma’m pag natotal na po natin saka po makikita yung discount.

So I paid the items and she showed me the receipt, “ma’m ito po o, may 50% off na”. I said ok and left the counter. While walking I’m still checking my receipt and I was right, I paid the B1T1 items for regular price of P199.75 each so I overpaid P199.75.

I went back to the counter and told the cashier about it but she insisted na nagreflect yung B1T1. I told her that I have two B1T1 items and I only see one discounted price. Good thing that the supervisor was there and she checked my receipt; they unwrapped my stuff and checked the items.

And the supervisor said sorry for the inconvenience, they called someone to inform about the error. One guy came and he said, he will just issue DRA (not sure sa term). I waited again, the guy came back and gave the cashier a slip but the cashier needs a code but no one can give her the right code.

I’ve been waiting for more than 40 minutes and you know that I hate waiting so I asked the cashier if I could just cancel the B1T1 item and replace the items worth P399.50. I used my credit card so there’s no way that she could give me the amount in cash. I know that she can call the credit card company to cancel the amount and re-enter my purchase but I don’t want to wait anymore. So I get 1 queen pillow and 2 pcs of M&M and pay the difference.

It is really important to check your receipt.Thank God that I just came from my staycation so I was able to wait for more than 40 minutes and still smile kahit naiinis na rin ako. Buti na lang may Free SM jelly bag ako.

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