April 14, 2012

What is your Dream Home?

I believe that all people dream to have their own place where they can spend their lives, a place that you can call home. But looking for a dream home is not easy; it entails a lot of effort and time to find it. There are a lot of things that we need to consider such as location, size, style and price.

Some people prefer condominiums like Austin condo, some people prefer a house and some people might prefer a fixer-upper that can be renovated by a company like Summit Point Roofing to their liking. I guess it depends on our needs, wants and lifestyle. 

When I was still single, I was looking for a condominium near my workplace to lessen my travel time. But I have no idea that a studio room would cost so much so I just chose an apartment which is much cheaper than renting a condominium. There is no one-year contract and no home owner’s association fee.

We also rented an apartment after our wedding but of course, priorities change when you have your own family. When I learned that I was pregnant, we started to look for a house. Hubby and I prefer a house than condos Austin because we want more space. 

We are not looking for a big house; all we wanted is a house that fits three people. Thank God that we did not have a hard time looking for it, though I cannot say that this is already our dream house but I’m glad that we have our own place and I can definitely say that this is our home.

How about you? What is your dream home?

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  1. I want those houses featured in Dwell magazine. :D

  2. Wala akong particular dream house basta yung kasya kaming 3 (or maybe 4) tapos may small backyard para laruan ng mga bata. I don't like big houses kasi takaw-mata lang yun sa mga magnanakaw hehe

    Spanish Pinay

    1. agree! at mahirap din maglinis pag malaki bahay. =)

  3. ako, i want to have my own garden, a small library, and a very nice kitchen... ok na ako dun :P

  4. I want my dream home to be very organized and efficient.

  5. Oh, I want a house. Ung may backyard so we can have a little garden with at least 2 rooms. Simple lang. We're praying for a house of our own that hopefully we can have a few years from now.