April 15, 2012

Taytay Falls

As I mentioned before, this was really an unplanned trip, after our visit to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, I told my husband to go back to my grandmother's house because I don’t think this is the best time to go to Taytay Falls. 

But he was really determined to swim so we continued our journey. After 3 hours (almost) of traveling from Victoria, Laguna we reached our destination. We had 3 stopovers along the way; some people are asking for donations for fiesta daw, you have no choice but to give kasi naman hindi ka makakadaan at may harang talaga na tali.

Entrance fee: P20 each no charge for my 3yrs old son.
Parking: P30

There is a logbook at the entrance, just write your name, pay the entrance fee and they will give you the stub. You have to bring the stub on your way to the falls; there is a guy who collects all the stubs. From the parking lot, you will pass a few sari-sari stores and carinderia where you can buy food and drinks. But it is best if you can bring your own food.  

You need to walk about 15-20 minutes before you reach the falls, it depends on the traffic and how fast you walk. 

Traffic na, pababa pa lang!

paliit-ng paliit ang pathway

It was Black Saturday so the place was really crowded. I don’t really plan any summer outing during Holy Week because I dislike traffic and crowded places. As far as I can remember, we only had one family outing during holy week. We had a day trip in Golden Sunset and it was my hubby’s decision.

Anyway, Taytay falls is just small falls compared to Daranak Falls, Three Falls, Mt. Pico de Loro Falls, Katibawasan Falls, and Kawasan Falls. So far, this is the 6th waterfall that I’ve seen. 

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Ten or eleven years ago, I was supposed to be here but I did not join the trip when I learned that most of the participants were boys and it was an overnight trip. I don’t see myself sleeping in a tent and I’m not sure if there’s a comfort room in the area. 

But if I joined the trip, this will be our first meeting (hubby and I). He was one of the participants and according to him "maganda daw ito and nagtrek talaga sila mula baba. Akalain mo pwede naman pala magkotse, nagpakahirap pa sila. Hehe! Sayang daw, sana daw sumama na ko nun kasi ang laki daw ng pinagbago ng falls kasi ngayon commercialized na."

I must agree with him because I did not enjoy our Taytay Falls trip. The place was really packed; there were tents and trash everywhere. I had a hard time looking for a good spot where I can stand and take pictures. I don’t know if this is the scenario every weekend or dahil holy week kami nagpunta. We only stayed for one hour including our walk from parking to the falls and back to parking.

But if you can't take the summer heat, visit Taytay falls. Ang lamig talaga ng tubig. :)

traffic din palabas

I felt sad when I saw the falls, sana lang malagaan nila. From Taytay falls back to Victoria, Laguna, we traveled 1 hour and 30 minutes (wala ng side trip).

Note: Taytay falls is also known as Majayjay Falls or Imelda Falls.
There is a shower room and comfort room in the area but I have no idea if it is clean. Hubby and son did not take a shower after the swim because of the long line. Good thing that we are less than 2 hours away from my grandmother’s house. 


  1. di talaga ok pag masyado crowded. at least alam na mo na dyan. hihi

  2. I've been here a few months back. It was a long drive from Manila pero worth it kasi ang lamig ng tubig sa falls :)

  3. regardless kung maliit or malaki ang falls... falls is falls... and i've never seen one :(

    mukhang malamig nga yung water, mukhang nilamig si Ethan.

  4. I was there several years ago (2006?) but did not manage to get to the falls itself because at that time our mom who was already 73 years old then did not last the long walk not to mention the difficult descent from the parking area. 'twas almost 3pm that time and we met many along the narrow pathway already on their way home. I kept asking them if the falls was still far away and their answers were quite discouraging: 15 minutes na lang ho, malayo pa ho, etc. What made us to finally turned back was when my mom slipped and fell to the brook by side of the pathway!

    After 9 years I went back to the place this time with my students from Adamson University. We were 17 all in all and 'twas a good thing that one of my companions was a Boy Scout teacher who came in prepared with camping tents, rechargeable night lamps, cooking gears etc. There were quite a few people also on our first night (we got to the place around 530pm and it became dark soon but thanks to a newly risen half moon that made the place somewhat lit. First time to hear "kuliglig" again in many years plus the enchanting sight of "altaptap" fluttering near the waterfalls. We had bonfire after dinner etc. Saw several barangay tanods roaming around twice and that made me feel safe in a way. 'twas indeed a nice experience. The water was very cold but not icy, my fear of being pestered by mosquitoes was unfounded since the smoke from our bonfires shooed them away.What i really did not like was the bath/shower rooms and toilets. Aside from having no doors and in a dilapidated state the place gave me an uncomfortable feeling altho I saw a cleaning man who watered the floors vigorously in an attempt to clean the area on the first evening that we spent there. All in all the experience was fun only quite exhausting, especially the long walk. Hope the local Tourism Office of Majayjay Falls would provide some lighting facilities especially in the falls area and if possible an alternative access routes that PWD and old folks and other similarly situated people can use to be able to enjoy this fun site that my home province of Laguna can truly be proud of as it does with the many, many tourists attractions that it has. :-)

    1. It was really a long walk so my husband carried my son. I agree, they should do something because Taytay falls is one of the must visit place in Laguna. Sayang naman entrance fee kung wala rin napupuntahan.