November 15, 2012

Crisp’n Juicy Drummets

One of the challenges of having a school boy is preparing his school snacks. It is not easy because you have to consider some factors. I can’t just give him foods that I’ve cooked for lunch and dinner especially food with butter, tomato sauce and even soup. Most of the times I prepare food that he will eat even it is a store brought food like hotdog, ham and nuggets. Before you judge me, my son also eat chicken and pork adobo, fish fillet, steamed fish or shrimp, homemade meatloaf and many more in school.

One of my mommy friend in school suggested Crisp’n Juciy Drummets so I bought one pack for P69 (6 pcs). We’ve tried it and we really like it. It is crispy, juicy and flavorful. It is now a new favorite in our house. 

One more thing, it is so easy to prepare. I just put it in the oven toaster for less than 10 minutes and after that I have crispy and juicy drummets. It is also healthy because I don't use any oil to cook this. 

Have you tried other flavors?


  1. Di pa. patikimin mo ko paguwi ko. hi hi

  2. instant fave din ni Xian 'to sis, favorite nya ang isang meal nakakaubos sya ng 5 -6 pieces.saken naman gusto ko yung buffalo style tas may coke.ayan nagutom tuloy ako.haha!

    1. talagang di nawawala yung coke sayo. hehe! try ko nga yan. may beer flavor din kaso baka pampulutan naman yun. hehe!

  3. Mukhang masarap ang Drummets. Thanks for sharing. Pwede na din tong pangbaon ko, hehe. :D