November 25, 2012

Lunch at BonChon Chicken

One of the disadvantages of living outside Metro Manila is I can’t try new restaurant unless they will open a branch here in South. Don’t laugh at me if I say that I have just tried the famous BonChon Chicken. As I mentioned before I redeemed my J.Co Gift Certificate and I saw Bon Chon few steps away from J.Co store. My husband ordered Thigh Boxed Meal for P145 which include 2 pcs chicken (one soy garlic and one spicy glaze) rice and regular drink.

The chicken is tender, juicy, flavorful and super crispy and my son really loves the crispy chicken skin. I prefer the soy garlic chicken because I can’t take the spiciness and hotness of the spicy glaze. 

Update: After three weeks, we ate at BonChon again, we ordered Team BonChon Group Meal P645.  We're really hungry, I forgot to take pictures. 

1 Medium Chicken Box
1 Chapchae
2 Sides (Regular fries/Kimchi Coleslaw)
4 Rice

4 regular Soda/Iced Tea