November 24, 2012

J.Co Donuts

I’ve been reading and hearing good reviews about this donut but I haven’t tried it yet because the branches are too far from where I live. Actually, I have P500 J.Co Gift Certificate which is part of my May Winnings but it was only today that I redeemed it when I’ve learned that they have branch in Alabang Town Center.

It seems that this donut is really yummy because of the long line, as in hanggang labas ng store ang pila. I checked the J.Co Facebook page and wrote all the flavors that I want to try but unfortunately, not all flavors are available.

I ordered 1 dozen of Alcapone and 1 dozen of assorted donuts. It took me 32 minutes to finish my business here but I was still happy because I only paid P50 for 2 dozen of donuts.

Assorted Flavors: Berry Spears, Heaven Berry, Tiramisu, Don Mochino, Blue Berrymore, Choconuttzy, Oreology, Hazel Dazzle. 

On our way home, we ate Alcapone donut and my husband said, “ay ampaw” because if you will bite the donut you will see this gap. The donut is P42 per piece so I wasn’t expecting this.

In fairness, we like the Alcapone donut because it is soft and not sweet, unlike other donuts. As demand increases, I hope the size, quality, and presentation of the donuts will not suffer. I don’t think I will fall in line again for 32 minutes just to buy this donut. 


  1. naku parang d ko pa naman naexperience na maging ampaw un donuts na binili ko sa
    favorite ko din ang alcapone! :)

  2. madaming branch nito dito sa SG, was never curious kasi parang mas gusto ko pa din ang Krispy Kreme or Go Nuts. nung natikman ko, true enough, di ko siya type hehe

  3. 32 minutes lang? Last night... 3 hours!