November 06, 2012


I went to Saizen last weekend to buy the usual stuff such as kitchen towel, toilet paper, facial tissues and others for P88. I really buy this stuff in Saizen because it is cheaper compared to local supermarket. I was at the counter when I saw this DVD for P50, I read the label “Cartoon Craze presents Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur”, there was a different language but I thought this is an English DVD with subtitle but to my disappointment Daffy Duck is not speaking English and I can’t really understand the language maybe Japanese.

My son is still watching this cartoon but I really feel bad because I wasted my P50 for this. Well, charged it to experience. 


  1. aww. kawawa naman si Ethan! pero i'm sure enjoy pa din sa panonood kahit di maintindihan ang dialogue!

  2. Baka matuto si ethan mg japanese:)

  3. Ok lng sis, malay mo baka matuto si Ethan ng Japanese :)