November 18, 2012

Why Pierre Cardin perfume is the best?

There is no doubt that there are many perfumes in the market today. However, when you compare quality of the brand name perfume, you will see that Pierre Cardin perfume has taken a large percentage of the perfume market. However, even though Pierre Cardin perfumes have large companies as competitors, you have to admit that they have really done well.

There brand name perfume has spread around the world and you can find it in any country’s boutique store. This company is old, their first perfume was the best, and it is up to date. It is considered to be the best seller up to date.
History of Pierre Cardin perfumes

Pierre Cardin perfume was their first perfume and a person called Pierre Cardin launched it in 1972. This product is classified as their main fragrance. The company recommends this perfume for romantic wear. Pierre Cardin perfume is a manly, refreshing, subtle, and oriental fragrance. The best thing about this product is; it lingers for long. This means that you do not have to keep on carrying it everywhere you go. This Perfume has a blend of fresh and spicy notes. The main features of this perfume are
  • Launched in the year 1972
  • Classified as a manly fragrance
  • Recommended for romantic wear
  • Size 8.0 oz.
  • Ingredients : fresh and spicy scent
The bestseller perfumes and colons for both men and women.

As you probably know, this company has many brand name perfumes in the market. However, several Pierre Cardin perfume  products were the best seller. Some of them are
  1. Pierre Cardin black for men
This is one of the bestseller products. The first impression that it makes to anyone who has viewed it for the first time will love it. It has a bark color and it comes in different sizes,
  1. Pierre Cardin for both men and women
As you know, this product made Pierre Cardin to be famous. This product was created in 1972 and up to now, it is still one of the bestseller products.
  1. Pierre Cardin 2 for both men and women
This model is an update of the first Pierre Cardin perfume. This brand name perfume was released the other day and it has gained popularity among people fast.
  1. The Pierre Cardin signe Eau De Perfume Spray for women
This perfume is the first choice women opt to take home. This product has a purpled bottle and a lovely bottle head. It makes this smell crepuscular, luminous, sensual and characteristic.
  1. Pierre Cardin miss choc perfume for women
Even though this product is new to the market, many ladies are love it. This is the fresher, lighter and glamour new version to Choc de Cardin, which was launched in 1981. This perfume is very eye catching and has a feminine bottle design.

This is only a few Pierre Cardin perfumes that are the best sellers. NOTE: these are just a few brand name perfumes from Pierre.


  1. They have perfumes na pala. I always associate them with handkerchiefs kasi. =)