January 02, 2013

CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort

Tagaytay is our quick getaway destination if we have nothing to do at home or if we want food trip. But I never been in CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort, I have no idea about this place till I read the post of Anney in Blog ni Ako site. I told my husband about this and we’re supposed to visit this place last Christmas after we went to Our Lady of Lourdes Church but traffic is everywhere and we don’t want to be stuck in traffic so we decided to visit some other time.

Then few days after Christmas we visited CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort. My grandmother-in-law was here for a visit so my husband decided to bring her in Tagaytay. Last year, we brought her to Nuvali and Picnic Grove.

The place was indeed beautiful and it seems that you’re transported in other place. Actually when I posted my photos in my Facebook, people thought that I was in Baguio, maybe because of the Pine trees.

We checked the Christmas Store and we’re asking if they offer discounts since tapos na Christmas but there are no discounts because this store is open all year round. We forgot to visit the Santa House.


Brgy. Iruhin Central Calamba Road
Tagaytay City, Philippines
Phone: +632.856.9601 (Mon - Fri; 9am - 7pm)
Phone: +632.623.7084 (Mon-Sunday; 9am-7pm)
Fax:+632.828 9141
Cell: +63917.569.6280 (Saturday – Sunday)


  1. ganda parang nasa ibang bansa lang ang peg ... salmat sa pag share!

  2. did u stay there? or dumaan lng ? may bayad ba pag dumaan k lng at mag picture?

    1. we did not stay there, nag-inquire kami sis then picture na rin. =D no fee.