January 21, 2013

Food Trip in Macau

I don’t have any list of must-try restaurant in Macau all I wanted is to taste their Lechon Macau so we eat whenever and wherever we want. During our first night, my husband bought food here.

Macau Recipes
Second day, we took our breakfast in McDonalds and we took advantage the free taste on our way to Ruins of St. Paul.

 We tried the famous Portuguese Egg Tart is Pastelaria Koi Kei.

We’re already full so we just bought dumplings here for our lunch and went back to Hotel.

For dinner, we went to New Yaohan Mall to look for the food court so I could taste Lechon Macau but we could not locate it so we ended up in 7-11, they have rice meals which we like so the following morning, hubby bought rice meals in 7-11 for our breakfast. 7-11 is few minutes’ walk from Hotel Sintra.

I finally tasted Lechon Macau in Venetian Hotel Fastfood.

We bought Portuguese Egg Tart again but this time in Lord’s Stow Bakery and Café. I have no idea that Lord Stow’s egg tarts have been available in the Philippines since 1999. They have branches in Madison Square, Banawe and MOA. #pambihira.

For dinner, we ate at the airport. Macau International airport is not that big, so if you’re planning for Hongkong and Macau trip, book Philippines to Macau and Hongkong to Philippines because HKIA is big, there are so many restaurants and shops so you will not get bored while waiting for your flight.

Note: Hongkong Dollar is widely accepted in Macau so we did not exchange our money to MOP. 1HKD = 1MOP


  1. matagal na nga tong Lord Stow's bakery and cafe dito. The one i tried was in MOA. Medyo super gutom na kami nun and we were disappointed kasi ang tagal ng service. :( so, i guess di na ulet kami umulit dun... hahaha!

    1. Check ko nga yan pag nadaan sa MOA. Ok naman service sa Macau, marunong pa magtagalog yung cashier. hehe!

  2. just like you, Michi, food trip din kami pag nag ttravel! :D

  3. ohmigod! i love those egg tarts sis! i didn't know about lord stow as well. thanks for sharing :)