January 26, 2013


Since year 2009 I regularly visit my grandmother in Victoria, Laguna to give her monthly allowance from my mom and to help her with her errands, this includes our trip in the grocery. She lives in the province so the grocery and wet market are too far from her house. Taxis are not available so it is difficult for her to commute and of course she is not that strong to carry all the shopping bags.

I’m not complaining but I wish that parentgiving.com is available here in the Philippines because this is a great help to all adults, seniors and even caregivers. Parentgiving is a comprehensive website that offers thousands of products such as bed and bath safety products, practical tools, medical and healthcare supplies and other stuff that elderly needs at home.  Even overnight adult diaper is available, you can check the website to see MoliCare Super Plus sample.

The site is user friendly, customer can place their order online and most of the orders are ship within 24 hours and generally arrives in 1-5 business days. Parentgiving can ship in 48 US states except Alaska, Hawaii and any international destinations.

Parentgiving site will benefit all seniors who have limited mobility and even those people who want to be independent. If you want more information about the products, how to order or shipping, do not hesitate to go to the website.


  1. Oo nga ano. Sana neron nyan sa atin. But anyway, it is good her to go out once in a while:)

    1. ang hirap pa naman magcommute sa kanila. pick-up din pag bumili ng appliance or furniture. :(