January 15, 2013

Philhealth Premium Adjustment 2013

Increase in Philhealth contribution is one thing I don’t look forward this 2013 but I was happy when I’ve learned that they will delay it due to public request for the reconsideration of the implementation of the premium increase. Philhealth released circular No. 057,s-2012 for the partial deferral of the new Philhealth premium contribution increase until the end of the calendar year 2013.

According to this circular;

For Individually Paying Program and Overseas Workers Programs

Self-employed individuals under the Individually Paying Program shall pay the minimum annual premium contribution of One Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos (Ph1,800.00) effective only from January to December 2013. Provided that, self- employed professionals earning an average monthly income of more than Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (PhP25, 000.00) shall pay their annual premium contribution in the amount of Three Thousand Six Hundred Pesos (PhP3,600.00). Provided further that, all valid and effective policy contracts signed prior to this Board Resolution shall remain effective and enforceable until expiration.

Overseas Workers under the Overseas Workers Program shall pay the minimum annual premium contribution of One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos (PhPl,200.00) which is effective since January 2012 up to December 2013 only.

For Employed Sector
The premium contributions for the Employed Sector, starting January to December 2013 only, shall be in accordance with the following premium contribution schedule using the following baselines:

    1. Premium rate at 2.5% of the basic monthly salary
    2. Use of salary bracket
    3. Salary bracket floor shall start at P7,000.00
    4. Salary bracket ceiling shall be at P35,000.00

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