October 18, 2013

Cebu Island Hopping Information

When you want to go and visit Cebu and want to enjoy everything about this beautiful island, you should totally go and try the Island hopping. Cebu island hopping is one of the best activities to do in Cebu but finding a reputable travel agency in Cebu that offers this ocean adventure other than just taking a tour in Cebu Philippines, will not be that difficult. However, it would be totally helpful in finding the appropriate agency to have this activity with when you do a little bit of research. Also, it will surely make you feel excited about this adventure when you get to hear more about it. So, below are the couple of sites we’ve found for you to get the best details, photos and a total sneak peak of what you will experience when you go for a Cebu island hopping tour.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor should give you tons of information on travel agencies in Cebu that offers the best experience for Cebu island hopping activities. You should be able to see real reviews and opinions on the best businesses to utilize for island hopping. You can either check the reviews or go to the forum part of Trip Advisor. If you decide to go to the forum part, you should make an excel spreadsheet and determine which businesses are mentioned the most. This will help give you an accurate idea on what the best businesses are. You should also check to see if the pricing is in line with what you are quoted when you call or email.

Lonely Planet

You should be able to find tons of information and real user reviews on Lonely Planet. Tons of people comment every day on Lonely Planet, and you should be able to find the exact information you are looking for. They have forums that are designed to give you tons of information and travel tips. You can ask your question in the forum and wait for responses. Or you can simply search for island hopping ideas and/or businesses and see what has already been said.

Third Party Forums and Social Networks

You should be able to find tons of information by searching on third party online forums and social networks. You may have a couple of contacts or friends that have gone to Cebu and actually used different travel agency in Cebu and through them you may get the best referral for this adventure. You will be able to see exactly which companies to use and which ones to avoid because they’re not surely paid to say so to you and you know them, so surely they want you too to have the best experience when you go for this Cebu island hopping tour. This will give you second hand knowledge that you need to know in order to make a well informed decision. Remember, when you are searching for an agency that could provide you for the best experience, you want to be sure that the business is reputable before giving them your money and relying on them to provide you the service that you want to experience. This is not just your any take a tour in Cebu experience, but this will also let you enjoy the tropical heat and enjoy the water world of Cebu!


  1. thanks to free info online, madali nang mag DIY tour ngayon :))

    1. Super agree, kung wala siguro free info baka umasa ko sa travel agency. Laking tipid pag DIY.