October 03, 2013

Top Board Games for Kids Entertainment and Learning

Board games are the best way of entertainment and learning for the kids. There are many board games which are highly popular among kids. Board games are those games that require some counters or pieces to move on a marked surface or board. Rolling dice is one of the important things that is used in many games to decide the chance or progress in the game. Earlier there were few board games. But nowadays we are having so many games that it is difficult to choose the best one for your kids. Chess, Monopoly are few common board games which are highly popular among kids for entertainment and learning purpose. You can easily buy board games either from a shop or online.

You can order your favorite board game or the latest board game at Big W. At Big W, you get the list of different types of board games depend upon popularity, rating, ascending/descending order with respect to price and alphabetically. The total specification about the game is available on the site. Related games and reviews are also there for each game.

You can get the discount too at Big W. The prices are very much affordable at Big W. There are so many games that it is difficult to choose which one to buy. To help you in deciding what game will be better for your kids, some top board games are listed here for your convenience.

Monopoly Millionaire 

Monopoly Millionaire is the modified version of monopoly. In this game, you will live your dream lifestyle. The number of players is not limited in this monopoly Game. You need to earn money in this board game with the help of different ways available in the game. You can play with fortune cards too which is included with this game. This is a mind strategy game where you can make a million dollar. This game is available online. You can buy it from an online gaming site.

Cluedo - The Classic Mystery Game

Cluedo is a very classic popular game. This is a mystery game. It is a mystery game that involves a murder and six suspects. The mystery is to find the murderer. With this game, you will get all the essential parts to play the game. It includes Mansion game board, clues, black Cluedo cards and many more things. It is a very interesting game. You can buy these games online very easily. Stare! Junior Edition This game is good to improve your memory power. In this game, you need to stare a picture for some duration say 30 seconds. Then some questions will be asked to test how much you remembered about the picture. This game comes with 160 image cards carrying more than 900 questions.

Rush Hour

This is a game which teaches your kids to use logic and reasoning ability, in this game, you will find complex traffic jam scenarios. You need to take the red car out of the traffic jam. This game puts some pressure on your kid’s brain to think a little harder. There are 40 cards included in this game with different difficulty levels.


Scrabble game is a word game. This is a very famous game where you need to create words with the pieces you got which is embedded in an alphabet along with a number. This game is very good to increase the vocabulary in your kids. This is a way to learn new words and improve your language.

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