October 01, 2013

DIY Mickey Mouse Invitation

My son is fond of Mickey Mouse so there is no doubt that he chose this theme for his 5th birthday party. But looking for ready-made birthday party invitation was not easy. I really had a hard time looking for an invitation unlike last year “Lightning McQueen Cars invitation was available."

Thank god for Pinterest, I was able to get some inspiration and I got the idea in Oopsey Daisy site. 


Black cartolina for Mickey Mouse head
Red Cartolina for Mickey Mouse pocket
White Linen Paper for the buttons
Cardboard for pattern
Circle Invitation to be placed inside the pocket


1. First I trace the Mickey Mouse head in a cardboard to make a pattern. Then trace it on black cartolina.

2. Then I get one Mickey Mouse house head, folded it in half to make pattern for pocket.

3. Then make two small circles for buttons.

4. Paste it all together.

5. Finished product. 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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